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#ifndef __SCRIBL_H__
#define __SCRIBL_H__
#include <glib.h>
* A counter: keys are strings, values are doubles.
* This represents a counter in scribl. It's the basic unit that calling code
* would use to keep track of statistics. All fields are considered private.
struct scribl_counter {
GHashTable *ht; /**< The hash table itself. */
GMutex *lock; /**< Mutex used to lock access to ht. */
GMutex *swlock; /**< NOT YET USED */
char *name; /**< The name of the counter (NULL is ok). */
* Initialize scribl.
* This method must be called before calling any other methods exposed by
* scribl. It must only be called once.
void scribl_init(double wakeup_interval);
* Exit scribl.
void scribl_exit(void);
/** Create a new counter.
* Boring stuff.
struct scribl_counter* scribl_new_counter(const char *name);
void scribl_incr_counter(struct scribl_counter *counter, char *key, double incr);
double scribl_lookup_counter(struct scribl_counter *counter, char *key);
void scribl_replace_counter_ev(struct scribl_counter *counter);
void scribl_free_counter(struct scribl_counter *counter);
#endif /* __SCRIBL_H__ */