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.PHONY: setup store serve
NOTANGLE= notangle
NOWEAVE= noweave
ECHO= echo
LIBS:= htdocs/lib/underscore.js htdocs/lib/jquery.js htdocs/lib/backbone.js
all: htdocs/index.html htdocs/store.js htdocs/data/items.json
@if [ ! -e "./htdocs/lib" ]; then \
echo "Please do 'make setup' before continuing"; \
exit 1; \
serve: all
store: all
mkdir -p htdocs/lib
htdocs/lib/underscore.js: htdocs/lib
cp bower_components/underscore/underscore.js htdocs/lib
htdocs/lib/jquery.js: htdocs/lib
cp bower_components/jquery/dist/jquery.js htdocs/lib
cp bower_components/backbone/backbone.js htdocs/lib
npm install
./node_modules/bower/bin/bower install jquery underscore backbone
setup: install $(LIBS)
mkdir -p docs
htdocs/index.html: src/backbonestore.nw
$(NOTANGLE) -c -Rindex.html src/backbonestore.nw > htdocs/index.html
htdocs/store.js: src/backbonestore.nw
$(NOTANGLE) -c -Rstore.js src/backbonestore.nw > htdocs/store.js
docs/backbonestore.tex: docs src/backbonestore.nw
${NOWEAVE} -x -delay src/backbonestore.nw > docs/backbonestore.tex
docs/backbonestore.pdf: docs/backbonestore.tex
xelatex docs/backbonestore.tex; \
while grep -s 'Rerun to get cross-references right' ./backbonestore.log; \
do \
xelatex docs/backbonestore.tex; \
mv backbonestore.pdf docs
rm -f ./backbonestore.log ./backbonestore.aux ./backbonestore.out
pdf: docs/backbonestore.pdf
docs/backbonestore.html: docs src/backbonestore.nw
$(NOWEAVE) -filter l2h -delay -x -autodefs c -html src/backbonestore.nw > docs/backbonestore.html
html: docs/backbonestore.html
- rm -f htdocs/*.js htdocs/*.html docs/*.tex docs/*.dvi docs/*.aux docs/*.toc docs/*.log docs/*.out
distclean: clean
- rm -fr ./htdocs/lib
realclean: distclean
- rm -fr docs
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