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localStorage values getting cleared when refreshing the page #14

rightaway opened this Issue Sep 20, 2015 · 4 comments


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rightaway commented Sep 20, 2015

I think this just started happening after upgrading to the latest redux and redux-localstorage (was using versions from a few weeks ago previously). When I refresh the page, the values I've set in localStorage get reverted back to the empty {}. Am I doing it wrong, or did something change?

const idLocalStorage = compose(

const createStoreWithMiddleware = compose(
  persistState(idLocalStorage, 'id'),
  reduxReactRouter({ routes, createHistory }),

function configureStore(initialState) {
  const store = createStoreWithMiddleware(reducer, initialState);
  if ( {
    // Enable Webpack hot module replacement for reducers'./reducers', () => {
      const nextReducer = require('./reducers');
  return store;

const store = configureStore();

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elgerlambert commented Sep 20, 2015

Hi @rightaway, yes something changed; rehydration of the persisted state isn't done "auto-magically" anymore. There were a number of edge cases that led to unexpected behaviour and it felt too opinionated. You can either use the higher order reducer provided by redux-localstorage ("mergePersistedState") or handle the INIT event in your own reducer(s). Have a look at the Readme on the breaking changes branch for more info:


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rightaway commented Sep 20, 2015

Thank you! The deep merge fix you suggested works beautifully.

@rightaway rightaway closed this Sep 20, 2015


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localhosted commented Nov 2, 2015

@elgerlambert How to accomplish this merge using the current version? I am having the same issue, but I don't want to use 1.0.


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elgerlambert commented Nov 3, 2015

Hi @localhosted, version 0.4 performs a simple shallow merge of your persisted data by default. If your requirements are more complex (e.g. you require a deep merge or you're using immutable data structures for example) than you can pass in your own merge function as follows:

var myMergeFunction = function (initialState, persistedState) {
  // custom merge logic goes here
  return mergedState

var createPersistentStore = compose(
  persistState(/*paths*/, {merge: myMergeFunction})

Note: There is a know issue with 0.4 which is a complication with default/initial values defined in your reducers. The problem in short is this: 0.4 takes the initialState passed in to createStore and merges that with the persisted state. Redux's @@redux/INIT action is dispatched after (this action effectively populates your store with all the default values defined in your reducers). This issue is fixed in 1.0, since @@redux/INIT is called first and the merge happens directly after. For more info you could try and digest issue #2.

Let me know if you're unable to solve your issue with the info above.

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