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PKGBUILD management framework for the Arch User Repository


The standard make && sudo make install routine is used. The following additional variables are supported:

  • DESTDIR -- staged installs for distro packaging
  • PREFIX -- where to install generated script, defaults to /usr/local
  • HOOKSDIR -- where to install githooks, defaults to <PREFIX>/share/aurpublish

How it works

Commit PKGBUILDs in named subdirectories. Export them to the AUR with the aurpublish command, using the subtree push stratagem. This preserves an independent history for third-party hosting, pull requests... ;)


  • aurpublish setup

Initialize a new repository with githooks.

  • aurpublish PACKAGE

Push PACKAGE to the AUR. With "--speedup", merges the split history back in.

  • aurpublish -p PACKAGE

Pull package from the AUR (if you adopted an existing package, or have a co-maintainer).

  • aurpublish log PACKAGE

View the git log of a package subtree.


Experimental. Download the history of a non-migrated AUR3 package, and commit it to a new subtree.


  • pre-commit

Warn about whitespace errors, fail if checksums don't match, and auto-generate .SRCINFO for all changed PKGBUILDs.

  • prepare-commit-msg

Prefill the commit message with a list of added/updated/deleted packages + versions (if any).


This repository is licensed under the GPLv2 or (at your option) any later version.