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Welcome to UPBGE's Community Addon GitHub

The Community Addon is a framework for UPBGE. It adds features and provides a new and easy to use hight level Python API. Most features can also by accessed visually from Blender GUI.


The documentation generator files are included in the repository. To build with Sphinx, check the folders readme.


  • Ready to use components.
  • Amazing yet simple keybinding: See example
  • Tweening capabilities (Sequencer)
  • Premade 2D Filters (GLSL Shaders): See green-screen filter demo video, with Shia LaBeouf. DO IT!
    • UI Panel for 2D Filters.
    • Generic 2D Filter class.
  • Media API for easy playback of music and sound effects.
  • Save/Load utility fuctions.
  • Build system (Windows only, other platforms may be build manually)
    • Launcher with configuration file. An external program made in C++
  • Dummy Python API (+UPBGE API) for code editor autocompletion.
    • Includes online documentation Scraper!

NOTE: The Python API that this addon provides is called BGECore.

IMPORTANT: This library is a side project of mine and is not being currently developed. It's not recomended for production (neither UPBGE actually), doesn't include a test suit and lacks most common components that large game engines have. Nonetheless is useful and easy to modify. Feel free to extend it with your own code.

What this library is not

It's not a fork of BGE, I don't touch a single line of Blender's source code. It's not a networking library. It's not a system to avoid GPL licenses. It's not a system to improve logic bricks or visual programing.



Image Image

For developers and hackers

Feel free to join.

  • The source code of the addon and the UI Panels is at: addon/community/
  • The source code of the BGECore Python API is at: project/core/
    • The components at: project/core/com/
    • The 2DFilters at: project/core/glsl/
  • You can execute make on the main directory to generate the addon.
  • Consider adding make as a hook for git commits.


Robert Planas Jimenez (elmeunick9@gmail.com) Licensed under GPL3.0