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;;; helm-utils.el --- Utilities Functions for helm.
;; Copyright (C) 2012 ~ 2013 Thierry Volpiatto <>
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version.
;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with this program. If not, see <>.
;;; Code:
(require 'cl)
(require 'helm)
(require 'compile) ; Fixme: Is this needed?
(require 'dired)
(declare-function helm-find-files-1 "helm-files.el" (fname &optional preselect))
(defgroup helm-utils nil
"Utilities routines for Helm."
:group 'helm)
(defcustom helm-su-or-sudo "sudo"
"What command to use for root access."
:type 'string
:group 'helm-utils)
(defcustom helm-yank-symbol-first nil
"`helm-yank-text-at-point' yanks symbol at point on first
invocation if this is non-nil."
:type 'boolean
:group 'helm-utils)
(defcustom helm-default-kbsize 1024.0
"Default Kbsize to use for showing files size.
It is a float, usually 1024.0 but could be 1000.0 on some systems."
:group 'helm-utils
:type 'float)
(defvar helm-goto-line-before-hook nil
"Run before jumping to line.
This hook run when jumping from `helm-goto-line', `helm-etags-default-action',
and `helm-imenu-default-action'.")
(defvar helm-save-pos-before-jump-register ?_
"The register where `helm-save-pos-to-register-before-jump' save position.")
(defface helm-selection-line
'((t (:background "IndianRed4" :underline t)))
"Face used in the `helm-current-buffer' when jumping to candidate."
:group 'helm-utils)
;;; compatibility
(unless (fboundp 'window-system)
(defun window-system (&optional arg)
(unless (fboundp 'make-composed-keymap)
(defun make-composed-keymap (maps &optional parent)
"Construct a new keymap composed of MAPS and inheriting from PARENT.
When looking up a key in the returned map, the key is looked in each
keymap of MAPS in turn until a binding is found.
If no binding is found in MAPS, the lookup continues in PARENT, if non-nil.
As always with keymap inheritance, a nil binding in MAPS overrides
any corresponding binding in PARENT, but it does not override corresponding
bindings in other keymaps of MAPS.
MAPS can be a list of keymaps or a single keymap.
PARENT if non-nil should be a keymap."
,@(if (keymapp maps) (list maps) maps)
(unless (fboundp 'apply-partially)
(defun apply-partially (fun &rest args)
"Return a function that is a partial application of FUN to ARGS.
ARGS is a list of the first N arguments to pass to FUN.
The result is a new function which does the same as FUN, except that
the first N arguments are fixed at the values with which this function
was called."
(lexical-let ((fun fun) (args1 args))
(lambda (&rest args2) (apply fun (append args1 args2))))))
(unless (fboundp 'assoc-default)
(defun assoc-default (key alist &optional test default)
"Find object KEY in a pseudo-alist ALIST.
ALIST is a list of conses or objects. Each element (or the element's car,
if it is a cons) is compared with KEY by evaluating (TEST (car elt) KEY).
If that is non-nil, the element matches;
then `assoc-default' returns the element's cdr, if it is a cons,
or DEFAULT if the element is not a cons.
If no element matches, the value is nil.
If TEST is omitted or nil, `equal' is used."
(let (found (tail alist) value)
(while (and tail (not found))
(let ((elt (car tail)))
(when (funcall (or test 'equal) (if (consp elt) (car elt) elt) key)
(setq found t value (if (consp elt) (cdr elt) default))))
(setq tail (cdr tail)))
;; Function not available in XEmacs,
(unless (fboundp 'minibuffer-contents)
(defun minibuffer-contents ()
"Return the user input in a minbuffer as a string.
The current buffer must be a minibuffer."
(field-string (point-max)))
(defun delete-minibuffer-contents ()
"Delete all user input in a minibuffer.
The current buffer must be a minibuffer."
(delete-field (point-max))))
;; Function not available in older Emacs (<= 22.1).
(unless (fboundp 'buffer-chars-modified-tick)
(defun buffer-chars-modified-tick (&optional buffer)
"Return BUFFER's character-change tick counter.
Each buffer has a character-change tick counter, which is set to the
value of the buffer's tick counter (see `buffer-modified-tick'), each
time text in that buffer is inserted or deleted. By comparing the
values returned by two individual calls of `buffer-chars-modified-tick',
you can tell whether a character change occurred in that buffer in
between these calls. No argument or nil as argument means use current
buffer as BUFFER."
(with-current-buffer (or buffer (current-buffer))
(if (listp buffer-undo-list)
(length buffer-undo-list)
;; Functions not available in versions < emacs-24.
;; Allow using helm-async.el in Emacs-23 among other things.
(unless (and (fboundp 'file-equal-p)
(fboundp 'file-in-directory-p))
(defun file-equal-p (file1 file2)
"Return non-nil if files FILE1 and FILE2 name the same file.
If FILE1 or FILE2 does not exist, the return value is unspecified."
(let ((handler (or (find-file-name-handler file1 'file-equal-p)
(find-file-name-handler file2 'file-equal-p))))
(if handler
(funcall handler 'file-equal-p file1 file2)
(let (f1-attr f2-attr)
(and (setq f1-attr (file-attributes (file-truename file1)))
(setq f2-attr (file-attributes (file-truename file2)))
(equal f1-attr f2-attr))))))
;; This is the original loop version, more readable, not the one of 24.1+.
(defun file-in-directory-p (file dir)
"Return non-nil if FILE is in DIR or a subdirectory of DIR.
A directory is considered to be \"in\" itself.
Return nil if DIR is not an existing directory."
(let ((handler (or (find-file-name-handler file 'file-in-directory-p)
(find-file-name-handler dir 'file-in-directory-p))))
(if handler
(funcall handler 'file-in-directory-p file dir)
(when (file-directory-p dir)
(loop with f1 = (file-truename file)
with f2 = (file-truename dir)
with ls1 = (or (split-string f1 "/" t) (list "/"))
with ls2 = (or (split-string f2 "/" t) (list "/"))
for p = (string-match "^/" f1)
for i in ls1 for j in ls2
when (string= i j)
concat (if p (concat "/" i) (concat i "/")) into root
finally return (file-equal-p (file-truename root) f2)))))))
;; CUA workaround
(defadvice cua-delete-region (around helm-avoid-cua activate)
(ignore-errors ad-do-it))
(defadvice copy-region-as-kill (around helm-avoid-cua activate)
(if cua-mode
(ignore-errors ad-do-it)
;;; Utils functions
(defun helm-ff-find-printers ()
"Return a list of available printers on Unix systems."
(when (executable-find "lpstat")
(let ((printer-list (with-temp-buffer
(call-process "lpstat" nil t nil "-a")
(split-string (buffer-string) "\n"))))
(loop for p in printer-list
for printer = (car (split-string p))
when printer
collect printer))))
;; Shut up byte compiler in emacs24*.
(defun helm-switch-to-buffer (buffer-or-name)
"Same as `switch-to-buffer' whithout warnings at compile time."
(switch-to-buffer buffer-or-name)))
(defun* helm-position (item seq &key (test 'eq) all)
"A simple and faster replacement of CL `position'.
Return position of first occurence of ITEM found in SEQ.
Argument SEQ can be a string, in this case ITEM have to be a char.
Argument ALL, if non--nil specify to return a list of positions of
all ITEM found in SEQ."
(let ((key (if (stringp seq) 'across 'in)))
`(loop for c ,key seq
for index from 0
when (funcall test c item)
if all collect index into ls
else return index
finally return ls))))
(defun helm-substring (str width)
"Return the substring of string STR from 0 to WIDTH.
Handle multibyte characters by moving by columns."
(insert str))
(move-to-column width)
(buffer-substring (point-at-bol) (point))))
(defun* helm-substring-by-width (str width &optional (endstr "..."))
"Truncate string STR to end at column WIDTH.
Similar to `truncate-string-to-width'.
Add ENDSTR (default \"...\") at end of truncated STR.
Add spaces at end if needed to reach WIDTH when STR is shorter than WIDTH."
(loop for ini-str = str
then (substring ini-str 0 (1- (length ini-str)))
for sw = (string-width ini-str)
when (<= sw width) return
(concat ini-str endstr (make-string (- width sw) ? ))))
(defun helm-string-multibyte-p (str)
"Check if string STR contains multibyte characters."
(loop for c across str
thereis (> (char-width c) 1)))
(defun helm-get-pid-from-process-name (process-name)
"Get pid from running process PROCESS-NAME."
(loop with process-list = (list-system-processes)
for pid in process-list
for process = (assoc-default 'comm (process-attributes pid))
when (and process (string-match process-name process))
return pid))
(defun* helm-current-buffer-narrowed-p (&optional
(buffer helm-current-buffer))
"Check if BUFFER is narrowed.
Default is `helm-current-buffer'."
(with-current-buffer buffer
(let ((beg (point-min))
(end (point-max))
(total (buffer-size)))
(or (/= beg 1) (/= end (1+ total))))))
(defun helm-region-active-p ()
(and transient-mark-mode mark-active (/= (mark) (point))))
(defun helm-goto-char (loc)
"Go to char, revealing if necessary."
(goto-char loc)
(when (or (eq major-mode 'org-mode)
(and (boundp 'outline-minor-mode)
(require 'org) ; On some old Emacs versions org may not be loaded.
(defun helm-goto-line (lineno &optional noanim)
"Goto LINENO opening only outline headline if needed.
Animation is used unless NOANIM is non--nil."
(helm-log-run-hook 'helm-goto-line-before-hook)
(goto-char (point-min))
(helm-goto-char (point-at-bol lineno))
(unless noanim
(sit-for 0.3)
(defun helm-save-pos-to-register-before-jump ()
"Save current buffer position to `helm-save-pos-before-jump-register'.
To use this add it to `helm-goto-line-before-hook'."
(unless helm-in-persistent-action
(point-to-register helm-save-pos-before-jump-register))))
(defun helm-save-current-pos-to-mark-ring ()
"Save current buffer position to mark ring.
To use this add it to `helm-goto-line-before-hook'."
(unless helm-in-persistent-action
(set-marker (mark-marker) (point))
(push-mark (point) 'nomsg))))
(defun helm-show-all-in-this-source-only (arg)
"Show only current source of this helm session with all its candidates.
With a numeric prefix arg show only the ARG number of candidates."
(interactive "p")
(with-helm-default-directory helm-default-directory
(let ((helm-candidate-number-limit (and (> arg 1) arg)))
(list (assoc-default 'name (helm-get-current-source)))))))))
(defun helm-display-all-sources ()
"Display all sources previously hidden by `helm-set-source-filter'."
(helm-set-source-filter nil))
(defun helm-displaying-source-names ()
"Return the list of sources name for this helm session."
(with-current-buffer helm-buffer
(goto-char (point-min))
(loop with pos
while (setq pos (next-single-property-change (point) 'helm-header))
do (goto-char pos)
collect (buffer-substring-no-properties (point-at-bol)(point-at-eol))
do (forward-line 1))))
(defun helm-match-on-file-name (candidate)
"Return non-nil if `helm-pattern' match basename of filename CANDIDATE."
(string-match helm-pattern (file-name-nondirectory candidate)))
(defun helm-match-on-directory-name (candidate)
"Return non-nil if `helm-pattern' match directory part of CANDIDATE."
(helm-aif (file-name-directory candidate)
(string-match helm-pattern it)))
(defun helm-string-match (candidate)
"Return non-nil if `helm-pattern' match CANDIDATE.
The match is done with `string-match'."
(string-match helm-pattern candidate))
(defun helm-skip-entries (seq regexp-list)
"Remove entries which matches one of REGEXP-LIST from SEQ."
(loop for i in seq
unless (loop for regexp in regexp-list
thereis (and (stringp i)
(string-match regexp i)))
collect i))
(defun helm-shadow-entries (seq regexp-list)
"Put shadow property on entries in SEQ matching a regexp in REGEXP-LIST."
(let ((face 'italic))
(loop for i in seq
if (loop for regexp in regexp-list
thereis (and (stringp i)
(string-match regexp i)))
collect (propertize i 'face face)
else collect i)))
(defun helm-stringify (str-or-sym)
"Get string of STR-OR-SYM."
(if (stringp str-or-sym)
(symbol-name str-or-sym)))
(defun helm-symbolify (str-or-sym)
"Get symbol of STR-OR-SYM."
(if (symbolp str-or-sym)
(intern str-or-sym)))
(defun helm-describe-function (func)
"FUNC is symbol or string."
(describe-function (helm-symbolify func))
(message nil))
(defun helm-describe-variable (var)
"VAR is symbol or string."
(describe-variable (helm-symbolify var))
(message nil))
(defun helm-find-function (func)
"FUNC is symbol or string."
(find-function (helm-symbolify func)))
(defun helm-find-variable (var)
"VAR is symbol or string."
(find-variable (helm-symbolify var)))
(defun helm-kill-new (candidate &optional replace)
"CANDIDATE is symbol or string.
See `kill-new' for argument REPLACE."
(kill-new (helm-stringify candidate) replace))
(defun* helm-fast-remove-dups (seq &key (test 'eq))
"Remove duplicates elements in list SEQ.
This is same as `remove-duplicates' but with memoisation.
It is much faster, especially in large lists.
A test function can be provided with TEST argument key.
Default is `eq'."
(loop with cont = (make-hash-table :test test)
for elm in seq
unless (gethash elm cont)
do (puthash elm elm cont)
finally return
(loop for i being the hash-values in cont collect i)))
(defun helm-quit-and-find-file ()
"Drop into `helm-find-files' from `helm'.
If current selection is a buffer or a file, `helm-find-files'
from its directory."
(require 'helm-grep)
(lambda (f)
(if (file-exists-p f)
(helm-find-files-1 (file-name-directory f)
(if helm-ff-transformer-show-only-basename
(helm-basename f) f))
(helm-find-files-1 f)))
(let* ((sel (helm-get-selection))
(grep-line (and (stringp sel)
(helm-grep-split-line sel))))
(if (stringp sel)
(helm-aif (get-buffer (or (get-text-property
(1- (length sel)) 'buffer-name sel)
(or (buffer-file-name it)
(car (rassoc it dired-buffers))
(and (with-current-buffer it
(eq major-mode 'org-agenda-mode))
(expand-file-name org-directory))
(cond ((or (file-remote-p sel)
(file-exists-p sel))
(expand-file-name sel))
((and grep-line (file-exists-p (car grep-line)))
(expand-file-name (car grep-line)))
((and ffap-url-regexp (string-match ffap-url-regexp sel)) sel)
(t default-directory)))
;; Same as `vc-directory-exclusion-list'.
(defvar helm-walk-ignore-directories
'("SCCS" "RCS" "CVS" "MCVS" ".svn" ".git" ".hg" ".bzr"
"_MTN" "_darcs" "{arch}"))
(defmacro* helm-walk-directory (directory &key path (directories t) match skip-subdirs)
"Walk through DIRECTORY tree.
Argument PATH can be one of basename, relative, or full, default to basename.
Argument DIRECTORIES when non--nil (default) return also directories names,
otherwise skip directories names.
Argument MATCH can be a predicate or a regexp.
Argument SKIP-SUBDIRS when non--nil will skip `helm-walk-ignore-directories'
unless it is given as a list of directories, in this case this list will be used
instead of `helm-walk-ignore-directories'."
`(let (result
(fn (case ,path
(basename 'file-name-nondirectory)
(relative 'file-relative-name)
(full 'identity)
(t 'file-name-nondirectory))))
(labels ((ls-R (dir)
(unless (and ,skip-subdirs
(member (helm-basename dir)
(if (listp ,skip-subdirs)
(loop with ls = (directory-files
dir t directory-files-no-dot-files-regexp)
for f in ls
if (file-directory-p f)
do (progn (when ,directories
(push (funcall fn f) result))
;; Don't recurse in directory symlink.
(unless (file-symlink-p f)
(ls-R f)))
else do
(if ,match
(and (if (functionp ,match)
(funcall ,match f)
(and (stringp ,match)
,match (file-name-nondirectory f))))
(push (funcall fn f) result))
(push (funcall fn f) result))))))
(ls-R ,directory)
(nreverse result))))
(defun helm-basename (fname &optional ext)
"Print FNAME with any leading directory components removed.
If specified, also remove filename extension EXT."
(let ((non-essential t))
(if (and ext (or (string= (file-name-extension fname) ext)
(string= (file-name-extension fname t) ext))
(not (file-directory-p fname)))
(file-name-sans-extension (file-name-nondirectory fname))
(file-name-nondirectory (directory-file-name fname)))))
(defun helm-ff-get-host-from-tramp-invalid-fname (fname)
"Extract hostname from an incomplete tramp file name.
Return nil on valid file name remote or not."
(let* ((str (helm-basename fname))
(split (split-string str ":"))
(meth (car (member (car split) (mapcar 'car tramp-methods)))))
(when (and meth (<= (length split) 2))
(cadr split))))
(defun helm-file-human-size (size)
"Return a string showing SIZE of a file in human readable form.
SIZE can be an integer or a float depending it's value.
`file-attributes' will take care of that to avoid overflow error.
KBSIZE if a floating point number, default value is 1024.0."
(let ((M (cons "M" (/ size (expt helm-default-kbsize 2))))
(G (cons "G" (/ size (expt helm-default-kbsize 3))))
(K (cons "K" (/ size helm-default-kbsize)))
(B (cons "B" size)))
(loop with result = B
for (a . b) in
(loop for (x . y) in (list M G K B)
unless (< y 1) collect (cons x y))
when (< b (cdr result)) do (setq result (cons a b))
finally return (if (string= (car result) "B")
(format "%s" size)
(format "%.1f%s" (cdr result) (car result))))))
(defun* helm-file-attributes
(file &key type links uid gid access-time modif-time
status size mode gid-change inode device-num dired human-size
mode-type mode-owner mode-group mode-other (string t))
"Return `file-attributes' elements of FILE separately according to key value.
Availables keys are:
- TYPE: Same as nth 0 `files-attributes' if STRING is nil
otherwise return either symlink, directory or file (default).
- LINKS: See nth 1 `files-attributes'.
- UID: See nth 2 `files-attributes'.
- GID: See nth 3 `files-attributes'.
- ACCESS-TIME: See nth 4 `files-attributes', however format time
when STRING is non--nil (the default).
- MODIF-TIME: See nth 5 `files-attributes', same as above.
- STATUS: See nth 6 `files-attributes', same as above.
- SIZE: See nth 7 `files-attributes'.
- MODE: See nth 8 `files-attributes'.
- GID-CHANGE: See nth 9 `files-attributes'.
- INODE: See nth 10 `files-attributes'.
- DEVICE-NUM: See nth 11 `files-attributes'.
- DIRED: A line similar to what 'ls -l' return.
- HUMAN-SIZE: The size in human form, see `helm-file-human-size'.
- MODE-TYPE, mode-owner,mode-group, mode-other: Split what
nth 7 `files-attributes' return in four categories.
- STRING: When non--nil (default) `helm-file-attributes' return
more friendly values.
If you want the same behavior as `files-attributes' ,
\(but with return values in proplist\) use a nil value for STRING.
However when STRING is non--nil, time and type value are different from what
you have in `file-attributes'."
(let* ((all (destructuring-bind
(type links uid gid access-time modif-time
status size mode gid-change inode device-num)
(file-attributes file string)
(list :type (if string
(cond ((stringp type) "symlink") ; fname
(type "directory") ; t
(t "file")) ; nil
:links links
:uid uid
:gid gid
:access-time (if string
"%Y-%m-%d %R" access-time)
:modif-time (if string
"%Y-%m-%d %R" modif-time)
:status (if string
"%Y-%m-%d %R" status)
:size size
:mode mode
:gid-change gid-change
:inode inode
:device-num device-num)))
(modes (helm-split-mode-file-attributes (getf all :mode))))
(cond (type (getf all :type))
(links (getf all :links))
(uid (getf all :uid))
(gid (getf all :gid))
(access-time (getf all :access-time))
(modif-time (getf all :modif-time))
(status (getf all :status))
(size (getf all :size))
(mode (getf all :mode))
(gid-change (getf all :gid-change))
(inode (getf all :inode))
(device-num (getf all :device-num))
(helm-split-mode-file-attributes (getf all :mode) t) " "
(number-to-string (getf all :links)) " "
(getf all :uid) ":"
(getf all :gid) " "
(if human-size
(helm-file-human-size (getf all :size))
(int-to-string (getf all :size))) " "
(getf all :modif-time)))
(human-size (helm-file-human-size (getf all :size)))
(mode-type (getf modes :mode-type))
(mode-owner (getf modes :user))
(mode-group (getf modes :group))
(mode-other (getf modes :other))
(t (append all modes)))))
(defun helm-split-mode-file-attributes (str &optional string)
"Split mode file attributes STR into a proplist.
If STRING is non--nil return instead a space separated string."
(loop with type = (substring str 0 1)
with cdr = (substring str 1)
for i across cdr
for count from 1
if (<= count 3)
concat (string i) into user
if (and (> count 3) (<= count 6))
concat (string i) into group
if (and (> count 6) (<= count 9))
concat (string i) into other
finally return
(if string
(mapconcat 'identity (list type user group other) " ")
(list :mode-type type :user user :group group :other other))))
(defun helm-current-directory ()
"Return current-directory name at point.
Useful in dired buffers when there is inserted subdirs."
(if (eq major-mode 'dired-mode)
;;; Persistent Action Helpers
;; Internal
(defvar helm-match-line-overlay nil)
(defun helm-match-line-color-current-line (&optional start end buf face)
"Highlight and underline current position"
(let* ((start (or start (line-beginning-position)))
(end (or end (1+ (line-end-position))))
(args (list start end buf)))
(if (not helm-match-line-overlay)
(setq helm-match-line-overlay (apply 'make-overlay args))
(apply 'move-overlay helm-match-line-overlay args))
(overlay-put helm-match-line-overlay
'face (or face 'helm-selection-line))
(defalias 'helm-persistent-highlight-point 'helm-match-line-color-current-line)
(defun helm-match-line-cleanup ()
(when helm-match-line-overlay
(delete-overlay helm-match-line-overlay)
(setq helm-match-line-overlay nil)))
(defun helm-match-line-update ()
(when helm-match-line-overlay
(delete-overlay helm-match-line-overlay)
(add-hook 'helm-cleanup-hook 'helm-match-line-cleanup)
(add-hook 'helm-after-persistent-action-hook 'helm-match-line-update)
(defun helm-w32-prepare-filename (file)
"Convert filename FILE to something usable by external w32 executables."
(replace-regexp-in-string ; For UNC paths
"/" "\\"
(replace-regexp-in-string ; Strip cygdrive paths
"/cygdrive/\\(.\\)" "\\1:"
file nil nil) nil t))
(defun helm-w32-shell-execute-open-file (file)
(interactive "fOpen file:")
(w32-shell-execute "open" (helm-w32-prepare-filename file))))
(defun helm-open-file-with-default-tool (file)
"Open FILE with the default tool on this platform."
(let (process-connection-type)
(if (eq system-type 'windows-nt)
(helm-w32-shell-execute-open-file file)
(start-process "helm-open-file-with-default-tool"
(cond ((eq system-type 'gnu/linux)
((or (eq system-type 'darwin) ;; Mac OS X
(eq system-type 'macos)) ;; Mac OS 9
(defun helm-open-dired (file)
"Opens a dired buffer in FILE's directory. If FILE is a
directory, open this directory."
(if (file-directory-p file)
(dired file)
(dired (file-name-directory file))
(dired-goto-file file)))
(defun helm-action-line-goto (lineno-and-content)
(apply #'helm-goto-file-line
(helm-interpret-value (helm-attr 'target-file))
(append lineno-and-content
(list (if (and (helm-attr-defined 'target-file)
(not helm-in-persistent-action))
(defun* helm-action-file-line-goto (file-line-content
(find-file-function #'find-file))
(apply #'helm-goto-file-line
(if (stringp file-line-content)
;; Case: filtered-candidate-transformer is skipped
(cdr (helm-filtered-candidate-transformer-file-line-1
(defun helm-require-or-error (feature function)
(or (require feature nil t)
(error "Need %s to use `%s'." feature function)))
(defun helm-filtered-candidate-transformer-file-line (candidates source)
(delq nil (mapcar 'helm-filtered-candidate-transformer-file-line-1
(defun helm-filtered-candidate-transformer-file-line-1 (candidate)
(when (string-match "^\\(.+?\\):\\([0-9]+\\):\\(.*\\)$" candidate)
(let ((filename (match-string 1 candidate))
(lineno (match-string 2 candidate))
(content (match-string 3 candidate)))
(cons (format "%s:%s\n %s"
(propertize filename 'face compilation-info-face)
(propertize lineno 'face compilation-line-face)
(list (expand-file-name
(or (helm-interpret-value (helm-attr 'default-directory))
(and (helm-candidate-buffer)
'default-directory (helm-candidate-buffer)))))
(string-to-number lineno) content)))))
(defun* helm-goto-file-line (file lineno content
&optional (find-file-function #'find-file))
(helm-aif (helm-attr 'before-jump-hook)
(funcall it))
(when file (funcall find-file-function file))
(if (helm-attr-defined 'adjust)
(helm-goto-line-with-adjustment lineno content)
(helm-goto-line lineno))
(unless (helm-attr-defined 'recenter)
(set-window-start (get-buffer-window helm-current-buffer) (point)))
(helm-aif (helm-attr 'after-jump-hook)
(funcall it))
(when helm-in-persistent-action
(defun helm-find-file-as-root (candidate)
(let ((buf (helm-basename candidate))
(if (buffer-live-p (get-buffer buf))
(set-buffer buf)
(find-alternate-file (concat "/" helm-su-or-sudo
"::" (expand-file-name candidate))))
(find-file (concat "/" helm-su-or-sudo "::" (expand-file-name candidate))))))
(defun helm-find-many-files (ignore)
(mapc 'find-file (helm-marked-candidates)))
(defun helm-goto-line-with-adjustment (line line-content)
(let ((startpos)
offset found pat)
;; This constant is 1/2 the initial search window.
;; There is no sense in making it too small,
;; since just going around the loop once probably
;; costs about as much as searching 2000 chars.
(setq offset 1000
found nil
pat (concat (if (eq selective-display t)
"\\(^\\|\^m\\) *" "^ *") ;allow indent
(regexp-quote line-content)))
;; If no char pos was given, try the given line number.
(setq startpos (progn (helm-goto-line line) (point)))
(or startpos (setq startpos (point-min)))
;; First see if the tag is right at the specified location.
(goto-char startpos)
(setq found (looking-at pat))
(while (and (not found)
(goto-char (- startpos offset))
(not (bobp))))
(setq found
(re-search-forward pat (+ startpos offset) t)
offset (* 3 offset))) ; expand search window
(or found
(re-search-forward pat nil t)
(error "not found")))
;; Position point at the right place
;; if the search string matched an extra Ctrl-m at the beginning.
(and (eq selective-display t)
(looking-at "\^m")
(forward-char 1))
(forward-line 0))
(defun helm-quit-and-execute-action (action)
"Quit current helm session and execute ACTION."
(setq helm-saved-action action)
;; Yank text at point.
;; Internal
(defvar helm-yank-point nil)
(defun helm-insert-in-minibuffer (word &optional replace follow)
"Insert WORD in minibuffer.
If REPLACE is non--nil, remove the actual content of minibuffer
and replace it with WORD, otherwise WORD is appended.
Argument FOLLOW is used to notify if we are in `helm-follow-mode'.
If it is the case (i.e FOLLOW non--nil) function have no effect
and return nil.
See `helm-find-files-persistent-action' for usage."
(unless follow
(with-current-buffer (window-buffer (minibuffer-window))
(set-text-properties 0 (length word) nil word)
(insert (concat (if replace "" helm-pattern) word)))))
(defun helm-yank-text-at-point ()
"Yank text at point in invocation buffer into minibuffer.
`helm-yank-symbol-first' controls whether the first yank grabs
the entire symbol."
;; Start to initial point if C-w have never been hit.
(if (or helm-yank-point
(not helm-yank-symbol-first))
(unless helm-yank-point (setq helm-yank-point (point)))
(goto-char helm-yank-point)
(forward-word 1)
(helm-insert-in-minibuffer (buffer-substring-no-properties
helm-yank-point (point)))
(setq helm-yank-point (point))))
(let* ((sym (symbol-at-point))
(str (and sym
(symbol-name sym))))
(if str
(helm-insert-in-minibuffer str)
(setq helm-yank-point (cdr (bounds-of-thing-at-point 'symbol)))
(goto-char helm-yank-point))
(setq helm-yank-point (point))
(defun helm-reset-yank-point ()
(setq helm-yank-point nil))
(add-hook 'helm-after-persistent-action-hook 'helm-reset-yank-point)
(add-hook 'helm-cleanup-hook 'helm-reset-yank-point)
(add-hook 'helm-after-initialize-hook 'helm-reset-yank-point)
(defun helm-html-bookmarks-to-alist (file url-regexp bmk-regexp)
"Parse html bookmark FILE and return an alist with (title . url) as elements."
(let (bookmarks-alist url title)
(insert-file-contents file)
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward "href=\\|^ *<DT><A HREF=" nil t)
(forward-line 0)
(when (re-search-forward url-regexp nil t)
(setq url (match-string 0)))
(when (re-search-forward bmk-regexp nil t)
(setq title (match-string 1)))
(push (cons title url) bookmarks-alist)
(nreverse bookmarks-alist)))
(provide 'helm-utils)
;; Local Variables:
;; byte-compile-warnings: (not cl-functions obsolete)
;; coding: utf-8
;; indent-tabs-mode: nil
;; End:
;;; helm-utils.el ends here
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