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Computed value in DS.Model returns Promise instead of Value #1315

aaronz8 opened this Issue · 2 comments

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more specific details here:

I'm trying to show a computed value in my template, but since the computed value uses an async linked model, it returns a promise. Is there any way to get or set the value when the promise is fulfilled?


You can try something like this:

App.Survey = DS.Model.extend({
  title: DS.attr(),
  owner: DS.belongsTo('user'),
  questions: DS.hasMany({ async:true }),

  totalResponses: Ember.arrayComputed('questions', {
    initialValue: 0,
    addedItem: function(accum, item) {
      accum += item.get('totalResponses');
    removedItem: function(accum, item) {
      accum -= item.get('totalResponses');

When questions resolves, the addedItem callback in totalResponses will be called once for every item in the resolved array.

@wycats wycats closed this

thanks! I'll try that.

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