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About Features

Please read the Feature Flag Guide for a detailed explanation.

Feature Flags

  • ember-libraries-isregistered

    Add isRegistered to Ember.libraries. This convenience method checks whether a library is registered with Ember or not.

  • ember-improved-instrumentation

    Adds additional instrumentation to Ember:

    • interaction.<event-name> for events handled by a component.
    • interaction.ember-action for closure actions.
    • for link-to execution.
  • ember-testing-resume-test

    Introduces the resumeTest testing helper to complement the pauseTest helper.

  • glimmer-custom-component-manager

    Adds an ability to for developers to integrate their own custom component managers into Ember Applications per RFC.

  • ember-glimmer-named-arguments

    Add {{@foo}} syntax to access named arguments in component templates per RFC.

  • ember-metal-es5-getters

    Define ES5 getters for computed properties, eliminating the need to access them using Ember.get(). See RFC.

  • ember-module-unification

    Introduces support for Module Unification (RFC) to Ember. This includes:

    • Passing the source of a lookup/factoryFor call as an argument to expandLocalLookup on the resolver.
    • Making lookupComponentPair friendly to local/private resolutions. The new code ensures a local resolution is not paired with a global resolution.

    This feature is paired with the EMBER_RESOLVER_MODULE_UNIFICATION flag on the ember-resolver package.

  • ember-template-block-let-helper

    Introduce the block form of the let helper per RFC.