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This code converts Chirp export file in CSV format to Yaesu's import CSV format. (I only tested this on FTM-400XDR application)

Use this code at your own discretion. It's not tested on all Yaesu programs.


  1. Download Chirp and create a station list.
  2. Export this station as a CSV file. (You can name it Chirp-export.csv)
  3. Download the chirp2yaesu package from
  4. Run it as: python -o Yaesu-import.csv -i Chirp-export.csv
  5. Use Yaesu-import.csv file to import the configuration in the Yaesu's own software.


Chirp Export

Chirp Export


  • So far only Tone mode is supported, add DTCS, etc...
  • Better error handling


  • Fixed a problem with enabling Tone SQL mode. (TONE ENC)
  • Added basic argument parsing
  • Better code commenting
  • Add better csv writing