ESP8266 based bidirectional bridge between MQTT and IR (change MQTT message to IR signal and change received IR signal to MQTT message)
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MQTT IR transceiver

ESP8266 based gateway between MQTT and IR. Code compatible with PlatformIO. Works with ESP-01 (debug mode have to be disabled in globals.h)


  • Receiving of IR transmission and publish it as MQTT messages
  • Receive MQTT messages and send IR signal (multiple formats supported - NEC, RC5, LG, SONY, Global Cache )
  • Storing raw IR messages on flash and transmitting via IR
  • Constant current IR LED emitter circuit (based on Analysir schematic )
  • MQTT over SSL support
  • OTA updates

Working modes

IR transmitting

alt text

IR receiving

alt text

Used librariers


GPIO connections:

13 0 IR receiver
14 3 (Uart RX) IR LED - connected via simple transistor amplifier
15 (to +3,3V) 2 (to GND) Button - used for reset configuration
2 (Wemos buildin) not used LED

For ESP01 following changes have to take place:

  • in platformio.ini change board from d1_mini to esp01_1m
  • in globals.h comment out line "#define DEBUG X"


alt text


  • D1,D2 - 1N4148
  • Q1 - NPN transistor
  • IR1 - IR receiver
  • IR LED1, IR LED2 - Infrared LED
  • R1 - 3.3kΩ
  • R2 - 2.5Ω

Compilation and firmware uploading

PlatformIO and Atom editor with PlatformIO IDE package are required. See installation procedure

1. Clone the Repository

git clone

or download repository

2. Import project to PlatformIO

Run Atom editor and in PlatformIO menu choose option Open Project folder.... Select folder with imported project.

3. Setup serial Port

From the list with files in the left tab open the platformio.ini and change the upload_port = com12 to the correct port with your ESP8266.

4. Build binary file

In PlatformIO menu choose option Build

5. Upload to ESP8266

Connect ESP to PC via serial adapter. In PlatformIO menu choose option Upload.



During first boot device will act as AP with SSID IRTRANS-XXXXXXXX (password is XXXXXXXX). Connect to this AP and go to Configure WIFI and MQTT paramters.

Resetting configuration

If during boot device have is pressed, device will go to configuration mode.

Controller → Device communication

Property Message format Description Example
_mqtt_prefix_/sender/storeRaw/_store_id_ \d+(,\d+) store raw codes sequence in slot no. _store_id_, last number is frequency in kHz Topic: "_mqtt_prefix_/sender/storeRaw/10"
Message: "11,43,54,65,32"
32 - is frequency in kHz
_mqtt_prefix_/sender/sendStoredRaw \d+ Transmit via IR RAW code from provided slot Topic: "_mqtt_prefix_/sender/sendStoredRaw"
Message: "1"
_mqtt_prefix_/sender/sendStoredRawSequence \d+(,\d+)* Transmit via IR sequence of RAW codes from provided slots Topic: "_mqtt_prefix_/sender/sendStoredRawSequence"
Message: "1,2,3"
_mqtt_prefix_/sender/cmd (ls|sysinfo) Execute on device command, replay in topic _mqtt_prefix_/sender/cmd/result Topic: "_mqtt_prefix_/sender/cmd"
Message: "sysinfo"
_mqtt_prefix_/sender/rawMode (1|ON|true|.*) Turn on/off reporting to controller received by device IR raw codes Topic: "_mqtt_prefix_/sender/rawMode"
Message: "1"
_mqtt_prefix_/wipe .* Wipe configuration for next boot Topic: "_mqtt_prefix_/wipe"
Message: "1"
_mqtt_prefix_/sender/(RC_5|RC_6|NEC|SAMSUNG|SONY|LG)/(\d+) \d+ Send IR signal based on type Topic: "esp8266/02sender/RC_5/12"
Message: "3294"
_mqtt_prefix_/sender/sendGC \d+(,\d+) Send Global Cache code Topic: "_mqtt_prefix_/sender/sendGC"
Message: "32000,43,54,65,32,...."
_mqtt_prefix_/sender/sendRAW \d+(,\d+) Send RAW code with given frequency Topic: "_mqtt_prefix_/sender/sendRAW"
Message: "9000,4550,550,600,600,600,...,32"
32 is frequency in kHz
_mqtt_prefix_/sender/otaURL .* Update via HTTP from URL Topic: "_mqtt_prefix_/sender/otaURL"
Message: "http://ota.server/firmware.bin"

Device → Controller communication

Property Message format Direction Example
_mqtt_prefix_/sender/cmd/result .* Result of command
_mqtt_prefix_/receiver/_type_/_bits_/_panas_addr_ \d+(,\d+)* Send to controller received IR code Topic: "_mqtt_prefix_/receiver/RC_5/12"
Message: "3294"
_mqtt_prefix_/receiver/raw \d+(,\d+)* Send to controller received RAW IR code (only when RAW mode is enabled) Topic: "_mqtt_prefix_/receiver/raw"
Message: "9000,4550,550,600,600,600,..."

Integration with OpenHab

  • Run MQTT server (mosquitto is fine)
  • Configure MQTT server for OpenHab transport
  • Register IR Transceiver to the same MQTT server (for example MQTT prefix is 'esp8266/02')
  • Example items configuration:
Group gIR <own_ir> (All)
Switch   ir_philips_on
        "Philips Power" <own_ir> (gIR)
        {mqtt=">[mosquitto:esp8266/02/sender/RC5/12:command:ON:56]", autoupdate="false"}
Switch   ir_philips_volp
        "Vol+"  <own_ir> (gIR)
        {mqtt=">[mosquitto:esp8266/02/sender/RC5/12:command:ON:1040]", autoupdate="false"}
Number ir_in_lg
        "LG IR command [%d]"    <own_ir> (gIR)
Switch ir_adb_star
        "ADB 0" <own_ir) (gIR)
        {mqtt=">[mosquitto:esp8266/02/sender/sendGC:command:ON:38000,1,37,8,34,8,75,8,44,8,106,8,50,8,50,8,39,8,81,8,525,8,34,8,60,8,29,8,44,8,44,8,44,8,29,8,29,8,3058,8,34,8,75,8,44,8,106,8,50,8,50,8,39,8,81,8,525,8,34,8,101,8,70,8,44,8,44,8,44,8,29,8,29,8,3058]", autoupdate="false"}
  • Using in rules:
rule lgTVturnInfoScreen
        Item ir_in_lg received update 551549190
        // Do somenting after button press

rule initIRmodule
        System started
        // Turn off Philips after system start

        // Switch LG TV to HDMI 1 by Global Cache code