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sendmail instructions leads to unsupported option #102

betelgeuse opened this Issue Aug 21, 2011 · 8 comments

4 participants


Following this I get:
sendmail: recipients with -t option not supported


Thanks for the feedback. We're reworking this document internally.


We're still having the same issue. Is this resolved already?


@viewbook I worked around this by using SMTP directly from rails.


We did too without success on port 25 for, what SMTP port did you use?


Port 587 did work with sendgrid.


watson commented Nov 28, 2011

@viewbook "Port 465 shows up Appendix A of the 1996 non-standard standard The SSL Protocol Version 3.0 as “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol with SSL”. Unfortunately, it’s not registered for SMTPs, it’s registered for URD – “URL Rendesvous Directory for SSM” by Cisco. The recommended approach, at least for authentication, is to use START TLS encryption on submission port 587."

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