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Ilan Schnell is the main developer and maintainer of Enstaller (version 4).
Historical notes:
The original setuptools was originally written by Phillip J. Eby.
In the summer of 2008, the following people have written patches for
setuptools that are now included in Enstaller, along with other changes:
- Chris Galvan
- Chris Casey
- Dave Martin
Corran Webster is the original author of Enstaller v3.0 itself (that is
without setuptools). Rick Ratzel wrote the previous versions of Enstaller.
Dave Peterson has cleaned-up and also added features to Enstaller v3.x.
Travis Oliphant has merged setuptools into Enstaller, and added
functionality to setuptools, as well as fixes some bugs.
In May, 2009 Ilan Schnell started writing a package called egginst, which
is a clean implementation of an easy_install alternative.
In August, 2009 the first production version of the new Enstaller v4.0 which
uses egginst and new implementation of enpkg was released.
Many people at Enthought have provided feedback, and given suggestions,
in particular Dave Peterson.
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