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MBBSDASM Hex-Rays IDA IDS/IDT Files for MajorBBS/Worldgroup Modules
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MajorBBS Disassembler (MBBSDASM) IDA IDS/IDT Files Preview

MBBSDASM.IDA is a collection of Hex-Rays IDA IDS/IDT files that allow Hex-Rays IDA Disassembler to properly identify/label imported functions in MajorBBS/Worldgroup modules.

These import definitions are modified versions of the more in-depth definitions available through MBBSDASM. Everyone has their preferred reverse engineering tools, so I wanted to ensure folks who prefer to use Hex-Rays IDA for their disassembly can take advantage of all the research that has gone into better understanding GALACTICOMM MajorBBS/Worldgroup modules.


Copy the provided .IDT files in this repo into your Hex-Rays IDA Installation "IDS" folder (Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\IDA 6.8\ids")

After the files are in place, IDA will now properly identify all imports from both MAJORBBS and GALGSBL for any MajorBBS/Worldgroup module.

MajorBBS Disassembler (MBBSDASM) IDA IDS/IDT Files Preview


The current version of these files only properly identifies the imports and comments them. For more in-depth commenting, method signature resolution, C/C++ decompilation, and debugging information please use MBBSDASM.

With future versions, I'll work on implementing as much as I can within the ability of the IDA IDS/IDT spec,


MBBSDASM.IDA is licensed under The Unlicence. So go bananas!

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