meck:unload is undefined? #72

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Using this module, and R15B01:


get_config() ->


get_config_test_() ->
    meck:expect(mocked, myfun, fun(Filename) -> ok end),
    ?_assertEqual(ok, get_config()),

Compiling and running tests:

1> c(example, [{d, 'TEST'}]).
example.erl:19: Warning: variable 'Filename' is unused
example.erl:20: Warning: a term is constructed, but never used
example.erl:21: Warning: a term is constructed, but never used
12> example:test().           
*** test module not found ***

  Failed: 0.  Skipped: 0.  Passed: 0.
One or more tests were cancelled.

However, if I comment the line meck:unload(mocked). then test passes successfully.

eproxus commented Aug 3, 2012

Sorry for the late reply. The issue occurs because the trailing underscore (get_config_test_) tells EUnit that the function is a test generator, not a test. EUnit then expects the function to return a list of tests instead.

@eproxus eproxus closed this Aug 3, 2012

indeed, it's a generator. i guess then meck has to be used within a test. i haven't find anything clarifying that in docs.

thank you,


eproxus commented Aug 11, 2012

Meck is not tied to a specific test library or framework. It just has a functional API that you can use in any code, really.

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