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This is a session backend for Django that stores sessions in a Tokyo Cabinet
database, which communicates via Tokyo Tyrant using the PyTyrant library. Tokyo
Cabinet is a key-value store similar to BDB.
The advantage to using this over other solutions is that your data is persistent
unlike memcached, and Tokyo Cabinet is designed to store key-value data like
this, so performance is much closer to that of memcached than with a database.
Installing django-tokyo-sessions
1. Either download the tarball and run ``python install``, or simply
use easy install or pip like so ``easy_install django-tokyo-sessions``.
2. Set ``tokyo_sessions.tyrant`` as your session engine, like so::
SESSION_ENGINE = 'tokyo_sessions.tyrant'
3. Add settings describing where to connect to the Tokyo Tyrant database::
TT_HOST = ''
TT_PORT = 1978
That's it. Hopefully this backend gives you all the better performance while
still not sacrificing persistence.