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BUILD_TARGETS = base-centos-6 \
base-centos-7 \
base-64-es \
esdc-mon \
esdc-mgmt \
esdc-cfgdb \
esdc-dns \
esdc-img \
esdc-node \
contrib-centos-6 \
contrib-centos-7 \
contrib-gitlab-ce \
contrib-centos-7-desktop \
define newline
comma:= ,
space:= ${empty} $(empty)
reverse_clean = $(if $(1),$(call reverse_clean,$(wordlist 2,$(words $(1)),$(1)))) $(if $(1),$(firstword clean-$(1)))
build_targets = $(subst $(space),$(newline)$(space)$(space)$(space)$(space),$(BUILD_TARGETS))
clean_targets = $(call reverse_clean,$(BUILD_TARGETS))
define HELP_TEXT
**** Danube Cloud Assembly Line ****
Please use 'make <target>' where <target> is one of:
init initialize the builder directory structure
check examine the builder directory structure and HTTP access
archive-<pkg> build a tarball for the hypervisor, one of:
local /opt/local on the hypervisor
monitoring /opt/zabbix on the hypervisor
opt-custom /opt/custom on the hypervisor
esdc-node /opt/erigones on the hypervior
archives download hypervisor OS archives
isos download iso images
platform download hypervisor platform archive
usb-deps download archives, isos and platform
usb-image build USB image
imgapi-tree rebuild the IMGAPI tree
clean delete all appliance VMs and their base images in reverse order
clean-<app> delete appliance VM and its base image
all build all appliances/images
base build all base appliances (base-centos-6 base-centos-7 base-64-es)
esdc build all Danube Cloud appliances (esdc-mon, esdc-mgmt, esdc-cfgdb, esdc-dns, esdc-img, esdc-node)
<app> build an appliance/image, one of:
NOTE: The build order is rather important.
Following environment variables will change the build behaviour:
VERSION build a specific version of an appliance (default: current YYYYMMDD)
VERBOSE make ansible more verbose
EXTRA_VARS override ansible variables, e.g.:
- usb_type={hn,cn} (default: hn)
- release_edition={ce,ee} (default: ce)
- esdc_source_repo=""
- esdc_prod_repo=""
- image_debug={false,true} (default: false)
.PHONY: help init check clean imgapi-tree all $(BUILD_TARGETS) $(clean_targets)
@printf "$(subst $(newline),\n,${HELP_TEXT})"
@bin/ init
@bin/ check
imgapi imgapi-tree:
@bin/ imgapi-tree
archives platform isos:
@bin/ get-$@
usb-deps: archives platform isos
usb usb-image:
@bin/ build-usb-image
$(clean_targets) clean-tmp:
@bin/ $@
clean: $(clean_targets) clean-tmp
@bin/ build-$@
base: base-centos-6 base-centos-7 base-64-es
esdc: esdc-mon esdc-mgmt esdc-cfgdb esdc-dns esdc-img esdc-node
archive-local local-archive:
@bin/ build-archive-local
archive-monitoring monitoring-archive:
@bin/ build-archive-monitoring
archive-opt-custom opt-custom-archive:
@bin/ build-archive-opt-custom
archive-esdc-node esdc-node-archive:
@bin/ build-archive-esdc-node