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Adding A Hello Page

This guide adds a /hello page to the sample application by following the existing outline.

Using Ack on About

Searching strings is one way to grok the structure of the kit and sample application. You can use grep or ack (brew install ack). I use ack with this alias:

ick Alias

Looking with ick about and ignoring documentation, the word about appears in these files:

ick for About

Add the Hello page container

A new page requires new page renderer. Copy the About page to a new directory and trim out almost all of it:

  • cd ./src/containers && mkdir ./Hello because each container goes in its own directory by convention.
  • cp About/About.js Hello/Hello.js

Edit Hello/Hello.js into this file:

New Hello.js

Edit three files to add Hello

Add to ./src/containers/index.js to include and export the React component:

Edit index.js

Add to ./routes.js to connect the /hello url path to the component:

Edit routes.js 1 Edit routes.js 2

Add to ./src/containers/App/App.js to add "Hello" to the NavBar

Edit App.js

And voila, the new 'Hello' page:

Show Hello

Take-away: Notice the trade-offs

The task of adding a new page exemplifies two trade-offs in the kit: code versus convention and the cut and paste style.

Convention is a set of constraining rules that automatically trigger routine configuration tasks. For example, WebPack automatically picked up the new directory ./src/containers/Hello without adding to any configuration files.

On the other hand, routine code was added to ./src/containers/index.js and ./src/routes.js to handle the new page. A convention could automatically accomplish the same tasks at either compile or run time. The cost is new constraints, such as requiring Hello/Hello.js to be renamed HelloPage/HelloPage.js.

Following a style in the code that has no automatic effects is just organic growth, not convention. For example, developers reading ./src/containers/index.js must stop and figure out why all subdirectories except DevTools are exported. (DevTools)./src/containers/DevTools/DevTools.js contains a single function which should be randomly moved to ./src/utils or ./src/helpers. Using a convention rule that all containers must contain an exported React component would raise an error. Organic growth leads to disorder in a project.

Similarly, the cut and paste style of coding also degrades the project. For example, In App.js, the new NavItem tag included a new value for the eventkey property. The eventkey property is poorly understood. All eventkey fields in App.js are unused and can be removed. The cut and paste style just compounds an old error and reinforces confusion.

Edit App revisted

The use of the cut and paste style raises well known issues in maintenance, documentation, and code quality. It is not for use in production code.

Some choices about trade-offs are easier than others.