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The official repository for the Erlang IDE project.
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meta/config adjust formatting options
org.erlide.backend.tests prepare v0.24.0
org.erlide.backend add debugger plugin för OTP 18
org.erlide.branding prepare v0.28.2
org.erlide.core.tests xtend 2.8.0
org.erlide.core treat "test" dir as source if in test mode
org.erlide.cover.api v0.29.2
org.erlide.cover.core small fix
org.erlide.cover.erlang prepare v0.27.0 fixed merge problems
org.erlide.cover.ui small fix
org.erlide.cover fix feature dependency requirements
org.erlide.dialyzer.core v0.29.9
org.erlide.dialyzer.tests prepare v0.29.0
org.erlide.dialyzer.ui move "erlang tools" menu to ui plugin
org.erlide.headless remove some old references to sourceforge v0.29.2
org.erlide.kernel.common add erlide_util tests
org.erlide.kernel.debugger.otp.17 Have the source found where it is defined in the beam when default
org.erlide.kernel.debugger.otp.18 add debugger plugin för OTP 18
org.erlide.kernel.debugger.otp.r15 Have the source found where it is defined in the beam when default
org.erlide.kernel.debugger.otp.r16 Have the source found where it is defined in the beam when default
org.erlide.kernel.debugger small fix
org.erlide.kernel.ide small fix fix missing beams
org.erlide.libs xtend 2.8.0
org.erlide.licenses adjust feature licenses
org.erlide.model.api fix display of multiline compiler error messages
org.erlide.model.tests v0.29.10
org.erlide.model clean up warnings
org.erlide.product.feature update location of main update site build: fix p2 publishing and product assembly
org.erlide.releng #228 - create github release and upload zip from cli
org.erlide.runtime.tests v0.29.10
org.erlide.runtime clean up warnings
org.erlide.sdk remove some old references to sourceforge [releng] update buckminster and build erlang only with rebar
org.erlide.test_support.tests prepare v0.28.0
org.erlide.test_support removed unused value in ErlangEventHandler
org.erlide.testing.libs xtend 2.8.0
org.erlide.testing prepare v0.28.1
org.erlide.tracing.core removed unused value in ErlangEventHandler
org.erlide.tracing.erlang prepare v0.28.0 v0.29.2 create update site
org.erlide.tracing.ttbe prepare v0.28.0
org.erlide.tracing fix feature dependency requirements
org.erlide.ui.tests add debugger plugin för OTP 18
org.erlide.ui small refactoring
org.erlide.util.tests v0.29.11
org.erlide.util xtend 2.8.0
org.erlide.util_eclipse prepare v0.29.5
org.erlide.wrangler.core prepare v0.27.0 prepare v0.27.0
org.erlide.wrangler.refactoring.codeinspection v0.29.2
org.erlide.wrangler.refactoring.duplicatedcode v0.29.2
org.erlide.wrangler.refactoring v0.29.6
org.erlide.wrangler fix feature dependency requirements
org.erlide remove some old references to sourceforge use ant to run the eunit tests
.gitattributes add composite repository tool
.gitignore xtend 2.8.0
.ruby-version generate help from wiki
CHANGES v0.29.11
CONTRIBUTORS update editor templates #77 (thanks to Bjoern Kortuemm)
Gemfile generate help from wiki
Gemfile.lock generate help from wiki
README.textile updated README prepare v0.24.0


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