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dynamic variable substitution #3

sendtopms opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I am planning to use erlydtl for one my application. Thanks for the great work. I like to see support for dynamic variable substitution -- thats L1 = [{a, one}, {b,two}]
L2 = [{one, "This is one"}, {two, "this is two"}]

I want to do {% for K, V in L1 %}

{{ L2.V}}
{% endfor %}

Please excuse for bad example but it explains what it should be there.

This is kind of done by zotonic team
Is it possible to support this use case? this is going to be very powerful.

@saleyn saleyn referenced this issue

locale #47


This is not present in Django and so will not be supported in ErlyDTL

@evanmiller evanmiller closed this

Hi Evan, this has caught me out too. Could you suggest a solution? Would this be possible with a custom tag?

Many thanks

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