Rendre disponible, valoriser et améliorer les données transports
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  • Make sure you have Elixir, Node, Yarn and PhantomJS installed and up-to-date
  • Install Elixir dependencies with mix deps.get
  • Install Node.js dependencies with mix yarn install

In order to validate datasets:

  • Make sure you have gtfs-validator installed and up-to-date
  • Set the environment variable GTFS_VALIDATOR_URL to your datatools running instance URL.


  • Run the server with mix phx.server
  • Run the webdriver server with phantomjs --wd
  • Run the tests with mix test
  • Run the integration tests with mix test --only integration
  • Run the solution tests with mix test --only solution
  • Run the external tests with mix test --only external
  • Run the elixir linter with mix credo --strict
  • Run the javascript linter with mix npm "run linter:ecma"
  • Run the sass linter with mix npm "run linter:sass"

Now you can visit from your browser.


The Dockerfile needed to run the continuous integration is in the project:

Update it if needed (e.g. updating Elixir’s version) and then update .circleci/config.yml.