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What is eTraxis Build Status Scrutinizer Code Quality

eTraxis is an issues tracking system with ability to set up unlimited number of fully customizable workflows. eTraxis can be used for tracking almost anything, but the most popular cases are bugs tracker and helpdesk system.

Key features

  • Custom workflow templates
  • Flexible permissions management
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MSSQL and Oracle support
  • Active Directory (LDAP) support
  • OS independence
  • Localization ability (a lot of different translations are already available)
  • Browser-independent web interface (tested with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome)
  • Graphical project metrics
  • Multilingual support (any record can contain text on several different languages)
  • Completely customizable UI
  • Dependencies between records
  • History of events and changes
  • Forum-like user comments with BBCode ability
  • Filters and views
  • Email notifications, subscriptions, and reminders
  • Binary attachments and more...

How to try

You can sign up and try eTraxis online at

What's next

Project documentation can be found at wiki pages. If you found a bug, or would like to request a new feature, please feel free to submit it in the project's tracker. Also there is a "Support Forum" available.

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