A lightweight BitTorrent Tracker written in PHP with an SQL backend.
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Phoenix v.3.1.4

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A lightweight BitTorrent Tracker written in PHP, with an SQL backend, for people that just want to host a tracker, not the torrent listing site.


What Do You Need?


  • A PHP compatible web-server.
  • PHP >= 5.4.0 with Core, SimpleXML, date, filter, json, mysqli, pcre, & standard extensions. (Generated using PHP CompatInfo
  • A MySQLI supported database, such as MySQL >= 4.1


Install Guide

  1. Copy _settings/phoenix.default.php to _settings/phoenix.custom.php
  2. Edit the variables in _settings/phoenix.custom.php
  3. Upload all the .php and .sh files to your server.
  4. Load admin.php in your browser and run the Setup option.


Configuration should take place in _settings/phoenix.custom.php, NOT _settings/phoenix.default.php. Phoenix will attempt to use the default configuration if yours is missing.

Cron (Automating Maintenance)

  1. Configure _cron/hourly/backup-database.sh by changing the path in the second line, and the username, password, database, and file in the last three.
  2. Edit _settings/phoenix.custom.php and set $settings['clean_with_cron'] to true instead of false. You can also set $settings['clean_with_requests'] to 0 to save processing time.
  3. Edit your crontab with crontab -e, and add a crontab like the following. You can edit the times, and should make sure the paths are correct by running the commands after the asteriks.
15 * * * * php ~/phoenix/_cron/hourly/clean-and-optimize.php
30 * * * * ~/phoenix/_cron/hourly/backup-database.sh