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Primary Authors:
* David Sauve
Thanks to:
* Daniel Lindsley for the awesome Haystack API and putting up with all of my questions.
* Trapeze Media <> for providing time and resources to complete this project as well as Q&A.
* Richard Boulton for answering questions regarding the Xapian python bindings and API.
* The Xapian team for creating and releasing under the GPL, such a great search engine.
* Supreet Sethi for suggestions regarding morphologic date comparisons and for fixing NOT query expressions.
* Joshua Jonah for changes to highlighting logic to avoid reserved words.
* J00bar for a fix with `get_identifier`, fixing query_filter reference in SearchQuery, and a better clear method.
* Jannis Leidel for setting up the code base for pip, easy_install and PyPI.
* Erik Aigner for the initial patch to get_identifier changes.
* Travis Cline for the initial patch to support SQ objects in Haystack.
* wshallum for a patch that makes date facets compatible with Python 2.4
* askfor for reporting issues with narrow_queries and float fields.
* Brandon Konkle for a patch that corrected the behaviour of weights on multiple term boosts.
* Adam Endicott for the initial patch that corrected an oversight with stemming not always being done during a search.
* Sym Roe for a patch that improved performance in "more-like-this" and suggestion the removal of FLAG_PARTIAL.
* liranz for pointing out a potential conflict with arguments pass into `SearchResult`
* Jacob Kaplan-Moss for pointing out that write permission shouldn't be required for searching.
* glassresistor for assistance troubleshooting an issue with boosting a phrase query & a patch to make weighting schemes overridable.
* James Addison for helping to debug an intermittent issue with `order_by` and `build_schema`.
* Michael Opitz for a patch that enables support for `inmemorydb`.
* Evgeniy Kirov for a patch that adds `HAYSTACK_XAPIAN_LANGUAGE` used for setting the stemming language.