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yet another not-reinvent-the-wheel JS Framework to keep your sanity and mental health
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yet another not-reinvent-the-wheel JS Framework

This docs is highly still in progress


Because why not


Make sure you have Yarn or NPM installed. To start install this framework, run this command in your terminal

$ yarn -v # or npm -v

If your terminal output something useful information (not command not found), it means the installation was succeed.

High-level preview

There are so many public APIs here let me breaking down it per main usage


Let's start by defining your "component", let's say a fancy button

const FancyButton = document.createElement('button')

FancyButton.innerText = 'Click me'
FancyButton.className = 'c-button'

console.log(FancyButton) // <button class="c-button">Click me</button>

Now "mount" it to wherever you want


That's it

AJAX Request

XHR is so old-school and your mom ain't use IE anymore. Let's just use fetch to send some request to server in asynchronous manner

  .then(_ => _.json()) // parse response body text to json format
  .then(res => {
    console.log(res) // { data: [], meta: { status: 200 } }

You can parse response body to whatever you want (array buffer, text, etc) but common usage is json becasue this is javascript

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