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@Dmi3yy Dmi3yy released this Jul 12, 2021

Important fix:

Update oh-thumb for correct work with Google Page Speed and web


  • [GitHub: 3eaf636] - fix phpthumb webp support (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: fd50690] - minify fixed js (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 39af92a] - fix: search in tv (Klym)
  • [GitHub: f26deba] - Fix isDasboard to isDashboard(lost letter h) (by_scrimm)
  • [GitHub: 3c5812c] - fix default views for links (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 8dae960] - default pagination lang (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 2edc1f2] - stop blockscreen after 3 secs (mnoskov)
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@Dmi3yy Dmi3yy released this Jul 12, 2021

Important fix:

Update oh-thumb for correct work with Google Page Speed and web


  • [GitHub: 6a3cbda] - fix phpthumb webp support (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: b0cb798] - manager (add) add check user and resource groups (Serious)
  • [GitHub: b6726ea] - manager (remove) remove preview to image TVs (Serious)
  • [GitHub: d7319a5] - manager (add) add preview to image TVs (Serious)
  • [GitHub: 8afe4a4] - Update DocLister.abstract.php (Dreamer0x01)
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@Dmi3yy Dmi3yy released this Jun 9, 2021

Hot fix for 3.1.4

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@Dmi3yy Dmi3yy released this Jun 3, 2021

Change log:

  • [GitHub: 67766f1] - composer update (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: d0e0638] - update git ignore (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: 8ef8c05] - fix config (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 7a6a7fd] - fix setLocale (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: d500d96] - fix setLocale/getLocale methods (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: f4f6e3f] - disable caching headers in ap (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 11ae627] - removed environment method (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: e87bf1d] - core (refactor) clear sprintf (Serious)
  • [GitHub: e30d470] - can hide modules from menu (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 7bfe351] - fix routes root, fix routes maked from ajax (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 38f564a] - disable module routes in cli (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: a63fab3] - trailing slash removed (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: f0a221e] - fix validator helper (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 466cf4f] - default validation messages (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: c3c2754] - add illuminate middlewares (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 733f2a5] - routing for modules (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 675ebb2] - view, cache helpers (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 7a3e932] - add route func (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: bd8aa37] - fix trace when file and line not set (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: c3552bd] - fix classnames (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: b851b99] - stack renamed to global (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: e7d7a9f] - middleware priority, aliases, fixed bindings (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 55eac05] - core (add) add clear password fields in user settings (Serious)
  • [GitHub: 994c732] - fix classes (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 18276b4] - restore app global middleware (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 5651f13] - fix views path setting (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 51b3492] - fix in CodeMirror (by_scrimm)
  • [GitHub: a4b3cb7] - Update 1.blade.php (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: 270ff04] - manager (add) add check user and resource groups (Serious)
  • [GitHub: fb207dc] - Update index.php (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: ededcfc] - Update preload.php (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: 12035a6] - Update global.php (masco123)
  • [GitHub: 554f0ab] - core (fix) Selected 'Minimum missed ID' fix #1927 (Serious)
  • [GitHub: 0722c52] - core (fix) view unpublished doc when auth in admin (Serious)
  • [GitHub: 68f4dea] - core (add) add OPTIMIZE TABLE function to Database class (Serious)
  • [GitHub: be28955] - core (fix) fix CSRF validate when install (Serious)
  • [GitHub: e20aeee] - Update global.php (masco123)
  • [GitHub: 6b3ac82] - Update global.php (masco123)
  • [GitHub: 46b5f17] - Create ja.php (masco123)
  • [GitHub: dc61268] - manager (add) add preview to image TVs (Serious)
  • [GitHub: 0d5bc57] - manager (fix) fix check CSRF (Serious)
  • [GitHub: 5a1ea85] - Added method, which set empty request for console. Fix for ide-helper work and other packages which work in console, and needed request object (Dzhuryn Volodymyr)
  • [GitHub: 1953356] - Remove blank method loadDeferredProviders from Path traits. This trait use only in one class, and parent this class has this working method (Dzhuryn Volodymyr)
  • [GitHub: dfbd47d] - Fix possibility pass query as string param in $ modx-> db-> getValue method, which was not documented in 1.4 but worked (Dzhuryn Volodymyr)
  • [GitHub: cfaff08] - seeders autoload by namespace (mnoskov)
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@Dmi3yy Dmi3yy released this Mar 25, 2021

Important changes:

  • Add artisan route:list
  • Update composer-merge-plugin version
  • External image in [(login_logo)] & [(login_bg)]


  • [GitHub: 2d7f11f] - update phpthumb ( migrate to composer) (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: bbc97d7] - core (fix) change OnWebPagePrerender event (Serious)
  • [GitHub: a46f954] - fix composer-merge-plugin version (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: 3ebfa0f] - up from 1k to 3k update tree (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: 8e848b7] - return lost constant (Pathologic)
  • [GitHub: c7debfa] - Update ManagerTheme.php (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: b266175] - Japanese update (masco123)
  • [GitHub: cd5dc71] - fix prefix (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: d33b539] - fix backtrace (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: d4ccf1b] - console exceptions handling (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 6226f01] - fix password field in extras (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: 801a0d9] - fix console detection (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 2acdc2e] - disable exceptions handler in console (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: e7caa09] - exceute parser only on notFound&notAllowed exception (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: b98305d] - artisan route:list (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: 57aabc6] - core (fix) add check for admin (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: 9616055] - Update Core.php (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: a561d02] - fix External image in [(login_logo)] #1468 (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: 8d99db8] - fix Uses Template drop-down doesn't list templates by category #1893 (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: 863c2d1] - fix [pagetitle@1] not working on Error page #1892 (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: 6196edd] - Update ht.access (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: 3b9d38e] - Update Core.php (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: d2e93cc] - fix {{chunk[+ph+]}} (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: 00359ae] - Update Dockerfile (Pavel Bihel)
  • [GitHub: a0beb80] - fix getLoginUserName (mnoskov)
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@Pathologic Pathologic released this Mar 9, 2021

Updated phpthumb

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@Pathologic Pathologic released this Mar 8, 2021

Support for autoloading from the "assets/vendor" folder. You should create your composer.json and run composer commands in the "assets" folder, not root, because composer.json changes in root folder are lost after updates.
Ability to disable aliasListing completely.
Ability to disable elements (chunks, snippets, plugins) caching.
Some bugs were fixed, some components were updated.

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@Dmi3yy Dmi3yy released this Feb 26, 2021

Now you can create custom Error Page:

before you see just 1 word: Error.

  • Create file /core/custom/error_page.html


  • [GitHub: 1cea0f1] - composer update (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: 05da0b0] - fix query errors (Pathologic)
  • [GitHub: f45eca6] - fix(manager): Save user without groups (Serg)
  • [GitHub: 8d81e78] - lang (fix) delete error word (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: 0c75c17] - install (fix) fix check database EXISTS (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: 72262db] - core (add) add custom error file (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: 8da8d75] - fix disabled elements in headmenu (mnoskov)
  • [GitHub: cbacb58] - core (fix) add user fields to exclude tvs name (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: 2bbd37a] - fic getConfig for which_editor (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: 5f73258] - core (fix) add exception for github limits (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: 2047342] - core (fix) change cli check (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: 18bc86e] - remove package.json (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub: 8f01a34] - install (fix) fix delete folder when use console update (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub: bfca188] - hide mysql and postgree warning on install (Dmi3yy)
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@Dmi3yy Dmi3yy released this Feb 18, 2021


  • [GitHub:#38cb480f8] - install (add) add new file for delete (Ser1ous)
  • [GitHub:#9428c6612] - fix snippet share params (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub:#d100720aa] - fix plugin share params (Dmi3yy)
  • [GitHub:#b25dcf6a3] - core (fix) show chunk (Ser1ous)
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@Dmi3yy Dmi3yy released this Feb 17, 2021

If you extends UserManager or DocumentManager need rename namespaces in your code

EvolutionCMS\Services\UserManager to EvolutionCMS\UserManager\Services\UserManager
EvolutionCMS\Services\DocumentManager to EvolutionCMS\DocumentManager\Services\DocumentManager

New features

  • ability to completely disable the cache for aliaslisting (Ser1ous)
  • add properties for TV with type "number" (milkamil93)
  • add NO_SESSION constant (Ser1ous)


  • move DocumentManager from core to composer package (Ser1ous)
  • move UserManager from core to composer package (Ser1ous)
  • users refactor (Pathologic)
  • core (refactor) rename donthit to hide_from_tree column (Ser1ous)


  • core (fix) fix select default package in console extras (Ser1ous)
  • core (fix) fix incorrect Content Type (Ser1ous)
  • delete Uploadable Flash Types (System Config.) #1858 (Dmi3yy)
  • fix Module Extras install packages error (Dmi3yy)
  • check context for permissions (Pathologic)
  • fix langs in extras (Dmi3yy)
  • fix work with transactions (Ser1ous)
  • fix roletmplvars in headmenu (mnoskov)

Why 3.1 and not 3.0.3?

we follow the rules of versioning according to the

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