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/* Copyright (c) 2001, Stanford University
* All rights reserved.
* See the file LICENSE.txt for information on redistributing this software.
#ifndef CR_GLSTATE_H
#define CR_GLSTATE_H
/* Forward declaration since some of the state/cr_*.h files need the CRContext type */
struct CRContext;
typedef struct CRContext CRContext;
#include "cr_version.h"
#include "state/cr_buffer.h"
#include "state/cr_bufferobject.h"
#include "state/cr_client.h"
#include "state/cr_current.h"
#include "state/cr_evaluators.h"
#include "state/cr_feedback.h"
#include "state/cr_fog.h"
#include "state/cr_hint.h"
#include "state/cr_lighting.h"
#include "state/cr_limits.h"
#include "state/cr_line.h"
#include "state/cr_lists.h"
#include "state/cr_multisample.h"
#include "state/cr_occlude.h"
#include "state/cr_pixel.h"
#include "state/cr_point.h"
#include "state/cr_polygon.h"
#include "state/cr_program.h"
#include "state/cr_regcombiner.h"
#include "state/cr_stencil.h"
#include "state/cr_texture.h"
#include "state/cr_transform.h"
#include "state/cr_viewport.h"
#include "state/cr_attrib.h"
#include "state/cr_statefuncs.h"
#include "state/cr_stateerror.h"
#include "spu_dispatch_table.h"
#define CR_MAX_EXTENTS 256
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
* Bit vectors describing GL state
typedef struct {
CRAttribBits attrib;
CRBufferBits buffer;
#ifdef CR_ARB_vertex_buffer_object
CRBufferObjectBits bufferobject;
CRClientBits client;
CRCurrentBits current;
CREvaluatorBits eval;
CRFeedbackBits feedback;
CRFogBits fog;
CRHintBits hint;
CRLightingBits lighting;
CRLineBits line;
CRListsBits lists;
CRMultisampleBits multisample;
#if CR_ARB_occlusion_query
CROcclusionBits occlusion;
CRPixelBits pixel;
CRPointBits point;
CRPolygonBits polygon;
CRProgramBits program;
CRRegCombinerBits regcombiner;
CRSelectionBits selection;
CRStencilBits stencil;
CRTextureBits texture;
CRTransformBits transform;
CRViewportBits viewport;
} CRStateBits;
typedef void (*CRStateFlushFunc)( void *arg );
typedef struct _CRSharedState {
CRHashTable *textureTable; /* all texture objects */
CRHashTable *dlistTable; /* all display lists */
GLint refCount;
} CRSharedState;
* Chromium version of the state variables in OpenGL
struct CRContext {
int id;
CRbitvalue bitid[CR_MAX_BITARRAY];
CRbitvalue neg_bitid[CR_MAX_BITARRAY];
CRSharedState *shared;
GLenum renderMode;
GLenum error;
CRStateFlushFunc flush_func;
void *flush_arg;
CRAttribState attrib;
CRBufferState buffer;
#ifdef CR_ARB_vertex_buffer_object
CRBufferObjectState bufferobject;
CRClientState client;
CRCurrentState current;
CREvaluatorState eval;
CRExtensionState extensions;
CRFeedbackState feedback;
CRFogState fog;
CRHintState hint;
CRLightingState lighting;
CRLimitsState limits;
CRLineState line;
CRListsState lists;
CRMultisampleState multisample;
#if CR_ARB_occlusion_query
CROcclusionState occlusion;
CRPixelState pixel;
CRPointState point;
CRPolygonState polygon;
CRProgramState program;
CRRegCombinerState regcombiner;
CRSelectionState selection;
CRStencilState stencil;
CRTextureState texture;
CRTransformState transform;
CRViewportState viewport;
/** For buffering vertices for selection/feedback */
GLuint vCount;
CRVertex vBuffer[4];
GLboolean lineReset;
GLboolean lineLoop;
void crStateInit(void);
CRContext *crStateCreateContext(const CRLimitsState *limits, GLint visBits, CRContext *share);
void crStateMakeCurrent(CRContext *ctx);
void crStateSetCurrent(CRContext *ctx);
CRContext *crStateGetCurrent(void);
void crStateDestroyContext(CRContext *ctx);
void crStateFlushFunc( CRStateFlushFunc ff );
void crStateFlushArg( void *arg );
void crStateDiffAPI( SPUDispatchTable *api );
void crStateUpdateColorBits( void );
void crStateSetCurrentPointers( CRContext *ctx, CRCurrentStatePointers *current );
void crStateSetExtensionString( CRContext *ctx, const GLubyte *extensions );
void crStateDiffContext( CRContext *from, CRContext *to );
void crStateSwitchContext( CRContext *from, CRContext *to );
/* XXX move these! */
crStateChromiumParameteriCR( GLenum target, GLint value );
crStateChromiumParameterfCR( GLenum target, GLfloat value );
crStateChromiumParametervCR( GLenum target, GLenum type, GLsizei count, const GLvoid *values );
crStateGetChromiumParametervCR( GLenum target, GLuint index, GLenum type,
GLsizei count, GLvoid *values );
crStateReadPixels( GLint x, GLint y, GLsizei width, GLsizei height,
GLenum format, GLenum type, GLvoid *pixels );
#ifdef __cplusplus
#endif /* CR_GLSTATE_H */