Maven repository for eXist compiled artifacts

Maven Repository for compiled eXist artifacts

This repository holds the POMs for eXist compiled artifacts. In addition it holds any dependencies which cannot themselves be retrieved from Maven Central.


To use the core of eXist in your Maven project, add the dollowing to the dependencies section of your Maven pom.xml file:


You will also need to add this repository to (or create) the repositories section of your Maven pom.xml file:


These artifacts can also be used from Ivy, SBT or Gradle build systems.

Scripts for producing Maven Artifacts from eXist-db

  1. Build the JARs and generate checksum files for them

or if you want to produce a SNAPSHOT version:

./ --shapshot
  1. Migrate the last version of the POMs
./ 20151029 20151118
  1. Make any changes to the POM files that you need to make (e.g. updating dependency versions)

  2. Create checksum files for the POMs

  1. Validate the checksums
  1. If (5) passes then upload the Artifacts to the remote repo (optional):
./ 20151118

or if you want to install locally (perhaps because you built a snapshot):

./ --local 20160420-SNAPSHOT
  1. Upload the artifacts to GitHub
git add **20151118**
git commit
git push