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Cryptocurrency Advanced: Service with Data Proofs

The extended version of the Cryptocurrency Service implementing data proofs. This project demonstrates how to bootstrap your own cryptocurrency with Exonum blockchain.

See the documentation for a detailed step-by-step guide how to approach this example.

Cryptocurrency demo

Exonum blockchain keeps balances of users and handles secure transactions between them.

It implements the following basic operations:

  • Create a new user
  • Add funds to the user's balance
  • Transfer funds between users

Install and Run

Using Docker

Simply run the following command to start the cryptocurrency service on 4 nodes on the local machine:

docker run -p 8000-8008:8000-8008 exonumhub/exonum-cryptocurrency-advanced:v1.0.0

Ready! Find demo at

Docker will automatically pull image from the repository and run 4 nodes with public endpoints at, ..., and private ones at, ...,

To stop docker container, use docker stop <container id> command.

Manual Installation


Be sure you installed necessary packages:

Install and Run

Below you will find a step-by-step guide to starting the cryptocurrency service on 4 nodes on the local machine.

Build the project:

git clone
cd exonum/examples/cryptocurrency-advanced/backend
cargo install --path .

Generate node configuration template:

mkdir example
exonum-cryptocurrency-advanced generate-template \
  example/common.toml \
  --validators-count 4

Generate public and secret keys for each node:

exonum-cryptocurrency-advanced generate-config \
  example/common.toml example/1 \
  --peer-address -n
exonum-cryptocurrency-advanced generate-config \
  example/common.toml example/2 \
  --peer-address -n
exonum-cryptocurrency-advanced generate-config \
  example/common.toml example/3 \
  --peer-address -n
exonum-cryptocurrency-advanced generate-config \
  example/common.toml example/4 \
  --peer-address -n

Note that in case of copying file with master key to the other machines, you must change the access permissions of this file for every machine. For example:

sudo chmod 600 master.key.toml

Finalize configs:

exonum-cryptocurrency-advanced finalize \
  --public-api-address \
  --private-api-address \
  example/1/sec.toml example/1/node.toml \
  --public-configs example/{1,2,3,4}/pub.toml

# Similar commands for other 3 nodes, with adjusted paths and socket addresses

Run nodes:

exonum-cryptocurrency-advanced run \
  --node-config example/1/node.toml \
  --db-path example/1/db \
  --public-api-address \
  --master-key-pass pass

# Similar commands for other 3 nodes, with adjusted paths and socket addresses

Run Frontend

Install frontend dependencies:

cd ../frontend
npm install

Build sources:

npm run build

Run the frontend:

npm start -- --port=8280 --api-root=
  • --port is a port for Node.JS app.
  • --api-root is a root URL of public API address of one of nodes.

Ready! Find demo at

Read the frontend tutorial to get detailed information about the interaction of the client with the Exonum blockchain.


Cryptocurrency demo is licensed under the Apache License (Version 2.0). See LICENSE for details.