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The Zoom Full-Page Cache for Magento (by Ezra Morse of EZAPPS)

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 * EZAPPS Zoom Full-Page Cache for Magento
 * @category		Ezapps
 * @package		Ezapps_Zoom
 * @author		Ezra Morse (
 * @contact		Ezra Morse <>
 * @donate		Paypal:
 * @license		EPL 1.0 ( 
 * @instructions	Please credit the original author in all derivatives and release core fixes to the public


1.  Create a backup of your Magento store. If possible, install in a testing environment before porting the code live. 

    Please contact <> if you need professional help installing Zoom

2.  Unpack source code (or use Magento Connect and skip to step 4)

3.  Goto the new ezzoom directory and copy the source to the root of your testing environment

4.  Clear your Magento cache

5.  Re-login to the Magento backend

6.  Edit index.php. After the <?php tag, insert: include('ezzoom.php');

7.  Edit app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/ezzoom.xml. Remove all unneeded blocks from ezzoom_hole_fill handle.

    Removing blocks referenced by other active blocks can cause exceptions. Proceed with caution.

8.  Please ensure the directory var/zoom is writable

9.  If you use our category URL rewrites, adjust your robots.txt file to exclude any redundant URLs

10. And, if you like Zoom:
	a) Tell your friends

	b) Become a collaborator

	c) Support the developer with Paypal:

Advanced Setup (NGINX/Expanding/Conflicts):
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