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eZ Publish 4 INSTALL
o Apache version:
The latest version of the 1.3 branch.
Apache 2.x run in "prefork" mode.
o PHP version:
The latest version of the 5.2 branch is strongly recommended.
Note that you will have to increase the default "memory_limit" setting
which is located in the "php.ini" configuration file to 64 MB or larger. (Don't
forget to restart Apache after editing "php.ini".)
The date.timezone directive must be set in php.ini or in
.htaccess. For a list of supported timezones please see
o Database server:
MySQL 4.1 or later (UTF-8 is required)
PostgreSQL 8.x
Oracle 11g
o eZ Components:
Enterprise edition includes a version of eZ Components that is tested and certified
with this version of eZ Publish-
The community edition requires the latest stable release of eZ Components.
To install this, you also need PEAR
See for more information
Installation guide
You will find the installation guide at
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