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🦅 cli syntax highlighting: any function - any - object - 176 languages
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🦅 cli syntax highlighting: any function - any object - 176 languages

Figure 00


Support the development of Chromafi by becoming a patreon.


  • JavaScript objects that are logged to the console... still look like JavaScript objects.
  • Chromafi highlights JavaScript functions.
  • Adjust indentation for tabbed code with Chromafi.
  • User defined color palettes.
  • Line numbers optional.
  • Padding adjustment for use with background colors or tight spaces.
  • Chromafi also highlights strings of code in 176 languages.


Chromafi a JavaScript Object

const chromafi = require('chromafi')

const obj = {
    foo: 'bar',
    baz: 1337,
    qux: true,
    zxc: null,
    'foogle-bork': function (a, b) {
        return b - a

const chromatastic = chromafi(obj)


Figure 01

Chromafi a JavaScript Function

const chromafi = require('chromafi')

function add (a, b) {
    return a + b

const chromantic = chromafi(add)


Figure 02

Chromafi a String of Code

const chromafi = require('chromafi')

const codeString = `
// Creates a Class based on Type
const create = (kind, parent) => {
    // Create the Class based on the Type's
    // Constructor or use an Anon. Func
    const protoclass = kind.ctor || function () {}

    // Inherit from a parent object
    if (parent) {
        protoclass.prototype = new Parent()

    // Merge prototype from Class's Type
    if (kind.proto) {, kind.proto)

    return protoclass

const chromadactic = chromafi(codeString)


Figure 03


const chromafi = require('chromafi')
const chalk = require('chalk')

const obj = {foobar: 1337}

const options = {
    lineNumberPad: 0,
    codePad: 0,
    indent: 2,
    lineNumbers: true,
    colors: {
        base: chalk.bgBlack.white.bold,

const chromafanatic = chromafi(obj, options)


Figure 04

Light Color Scheme

Chromafi uses Chalk to write ANSI color codes to the terminal.

const chromafi = require('chromafi')

const chromafi = require('.')
const chalk = require('chalk')

const obj = {
    foo: 'bar',
    baz: 1337,
    qux: true,
    zxc: null,
    'foogle-bork': function (a, b) {
        return b - a

const chromafantastic = chromafi(obj, {
    colors: {
        // Just pass `chalk` to ignore colors
        trailing_space: chalk,
        line_numbers: chalk.bgBlue.white


Figure 05

Highlighting Other Languages

Chromafi uses Highlight.js to syntax highlight to your code. This means Chromafi can highlight any language that Highlight.js can.

Let's Chromafi some assembler syntax:

const chromafi = require('chromafi')

const armAssemblyCode = `

.global connect
    mov     r3, #2              ; s->sin_family = AF_INET
    strh    r3, [sp]
    ldr     r3, =server_port    ; s->sin_port = server_port
    ldr     r3, [r3]
    strh    r3, [sp, #2]
    ldr     r3, =server_addr    ; s->sin_addr = server_addr
    ldr     r3, [r3]
    str     r3, [sp, #4]
    mov     r3, #0              ; bzero(&s->sin_zero)
    str     r3, [sp, #8]
    str     r3, [sp, #12]
    mov     r1, sp      ; const struct sockaddr *addr = sp

    ldr     r7, =connect_call
    ldr     r7, [r7]
    swi     #0

    add     sp, sp, #16
    pop     {r0}        ; pop sockfd

    pop     {r7}
    pop     {fp, ip, lr}
    mov     sp, ip
    bx      lr

socket_call:   .long 281
connect_call:  .long 283

/* all addresses are network byte-order (big-endian) */
server_addr:            .long 0x0100007f ; localhost
server_port:            .hword 0x0b1a

const chromalicious = chromafi(armAssemblyCode, {lang: 'arm'})


Figure 06

Supported Languages

1c, abnf, accesslog, actionscript, ada, apache, applescript, arduino, armasm, asciidoc, aspectj, autohotkey, autoit, avrasm, awk, axapta, bash, basic, bnf, brainfuck, cal, capnproto, ceylon, clean, clojure-repl, clojure, cmake, coffeescript, coq, cos, cpp, crmsh, crystal, cs, csp, css, d, dart, delphi, diff, django, dns, dockerfile, dos, dsconfig, dts, dust, ebnf, elixir, elm, erb, erlang-repl, erlang, excel, fix, flix, fortran, fsharp, gams, gauss, gcode, gherkin, glsl, go, golo, gradle, groovy, haml, handlebars, haskell, haxe, hsp, htmlbars, http, hy, inform7, ini, irpf90, java, javascript, jboss-cli, json, julia-repl, julia, kotlin, lasso, ldif, leaf, less, lisp, livecodeserver, livescript, llvm, lsl, lua, makefile, markdown, mathematica, matlab, maxima, mel, mercury, mipsasm, mizar, mojolicious, monkey, moonscript, n1ql, nginx, nimrod, nix, nsis, objectivec, ocaml, openscad, oxygene, parser3, perl, pf, php, pony, powershell, processing, profile, prolog, protobuf, puppet, purebasic, python, q, qml, r, rib, roboconf, routeros, rsl, ruby, ruleslanguage, rust, scala, scheme, scilab, scss, shell, smali, smalltalk, sml, sqf, sql, stan, stata, step21, stylus, subunit, swift, taggerscript, tap, tcl, tex, thrift, tp, twig, typescript, vala, vbnet, vbscript-html, vbscript, verilog, vhdl, vim, x86asm, xl, xml, xquery, yaml, zephir


Thank you to the following Noun Project artists for the vectors used in the lead graphic.

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