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<h2>Server Status</h2>
Server status displays current running status of server process and each worker
thread. To query status, hit admin port with a URL like this,
The format is,
1. Process Status
- id: process ID
- build: current binary's build ID
- debug: DEBUG build or not
- hotprofiler: whether hotprofiler was turned on or not
- now: current datetime
- start: when server was started
- up: server up time so far
2. Thread Status
- id: thread ID
- req: number of requests it has processed so far
- bytes: number of bytes it has written to response
- start: thread start time
- duration: how long this thread has been running
- mode: what this thread is doing
<b>idle</b> the thread is not processing any requests
<b>process</b> the thread is processing requests
<b>writing</b> the thread is sending response
<b>psp</b> the thread is doing post-sending processing
- iostatus: which I/O operation this thread is doing
- ioduration: how long this thread has been waiting for the I/O operation
- url: which URL this thread is serving
- client: client IP address
- vhost: virtual host the URL matched
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