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This ESLint plugin enforces the Rules of Hooks.

It is a part of the Hooks API for React.


Note: If you're using Create React App, please use react-scripts >= 3 instead of adding it directly.

Assuming you already have ESLint installed, run:

# npm
npm install eslint-plugin-react-hooks --save-dev

# yarn
yarn add eslint-plugin-react-hooks --dev

Then extend the recommended eslint config:

  "extends": [
    // ...

Custom Configuration

If you want more fine-grained configuration, you can instead add a snippet like this to your ESLint configuration file:

  "plugins": [
    // ...
  "rules": {
    // ...
    "react-hooks/rules-of-hooks": "error",
    "react-hooks/exhaustive-deps": "warn"

Advanced Configuration

exhaustive-deps can be configured to validate dependencies of custom Hooks with the additionalHooks option. This option accepts a regex to match the names of custom Hooks that have dependencies.

  "rules": {
    // ...
    "react-hooks/exhaustive-deps": ["warn", {
      "additionalHooks": "(useMyCustomHook|useMyOtherCustomHook)"

We suggest to use this option very sparingly, if at all. Generally saying, we recommend most custom Hooks to not use the dependencies argument, and instead provide a higher-level API that is more focused around a specific use case.

Valid and Invalid Examples

Please refer to the Rules of Hooks documentation and the Hooks FAQ to learn more about this rule.