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  • Python >= 3.6
  • Numpy
  • PyTorch 1.3
  • fvcore: pip install 'git+'
  • torchvision that matches the PyTorch installation. You can install them together at to make sure of this.
  • simplejson: pip install simplejson
  • GCC >= 4.9
  • PyAV: conda install av -c conda-forge
  • ffmpeg (4.0 is prefereed, will be installed along with PyAV)
  • PyYaml: (will be installed along with fvcore)


Please follow PyTorch official instructions to install from source: git clone --recursive


Clone the PySlowFast Video Understanding repository.

git clone

Add this repository to $PYTHONPATH.

export PYTHONPATH=/path/to/PySlowFast/lib:$PYTHONPATH

Build PySlowFast

After having the above dependencies, run:

git clone
cd slowfast
python build develop

Now the installation is finished, run the pipeline with:

python tools/ --cfg configs/Kinetics/C2D_8x8_R50.yaml NUM_GPUS 1 TRAIN.BATCH_SIZE 8 SOLVER.BASE_LR 0.0125 DATA.PATH_TO_DATA_DIR path_to_your_data_folder
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