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Fake News Detector API

JSON API endpoints

The JSON API is currently running under the url


The news are flagged on distinct categories, such as Fake News, Click Bait, etc, you can list all with this call:

GET /categories

Response format:

[{ id: int, name: string }]


You can list all links and their data with:

GET /links/all

Response format:

  id: int,
  url: string,
  title: string,
  content: null | string,
  category_id: bool,
  clickbait_title: null | bool,
  verified_category_id: null | string,
  count: int

This endpoint is used by Robinho to fetch the links and train its classification algorithms.


You can get all votes to a specific link with:

GET /votes?url=string&title=string

or, if you only have the text content but not a link (like hoaxes from Whatsapp):

GET /votes_by_content?content=string

Response format:

  domain: null | { category_id: int },
  robot: {
    fake_news: float,
    extremely_biased: float,
    clickbait: float
  people: {
    content: [{ category_id: int, count: int }],
    title: { clickbait: bool, count: int },
  keywords: [ string ]

The domain key is only present if the given url is listed on one of our manually verified domains. When present, this value should be used over robot guesses.

The keywords are extracted from the title and content to be used later for automatic googling for the users to fact-check themselves.

To insert a new vote, use this call:

POST /vote


{ uuid: string, url: string, title: string, category_id: int, clickbait_title: null | bool }

Or, if you only have the text of a hoax to insert, use:

POST /vote_by_content


{ uuid: string, content: string, category_id: int }

Response format:

{ link_id: int, category_id: int, uuid: string, ip: string }

The votes endpoints are used by the Fake News Extension and the Fake News Website.


If you want to help the project, you can fork it and run on your machine, for more details, read the guide.

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