A simple game based on the reverse engineered USB protocol of the Novation Nocturn
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This is a simple game for two players based on the Novation Nocturn USB Controller [1]. This is a test implementation of the (not completely) reverse engineered USB protocol of the controller.

Game Instructions:
- Start the python script once your Novation Nocturn is connected
- Press any controller key to start the game
- Goal of the game is to push the buttons on your side faster than your opponent does
- Once you hit the right button, you get a score of +1
- If you reach a score of 11, the round is over. The player who has the highest overall score sees his side blinking
- If you have won 6 rounds, you win

This is my first python program, so it is awful. No really, it is awful.

You'll find some information about the protocol inside the code. There are some functions you can simply use in your own projects.

Feel free to fork the project; as I haven't any python experience excpect for this program, I have no clue how to organize source in python correctly.

[1] http://www.novationmusic.com/products/midi_controller/nocturn