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Example sketch for the HID Bluetooth library - developed by Kristian Lauszus
For more information visit my blog: or
send me an e-mail:
#include <BTHID.h>
#include <usbhub.h>
#include "KeyboardParser.h"
#include "MouseParser.h"
// Satisfy the IDE, which needs to see the include statment in the ino too.
#ifdef dobogusinclude
#include <spi4teensy3.h>
#include <SPI.h>
USB Usb;
//USBHub Hub1(&Usb); // Some dongles have a hub inside
BTD Btd(&Usb); // You have to create the Bluetooth Dongle instance like so
/* You can create the instance of the class in two ways */
// This will start an inquiry and then pair with your device - you only have to do this once
// If you are using a Bluetooth keyboard, then you should type in the password on the keypad and then press enter
BTHID bthid(&Btd, PAIR, "0000");
// After that you can simply create the instance like so and then press any button on the device
//BTHID hid(&Btd);
KbdRptParser keyboardPrs;
MouseRptParser mousePrs;
void setup() {
#if !defined(__MIPSEL__)
while (!Serial); // Wait for serial port to connect - used on Leonardo, Teensy and other boards with built-in USB CDC serial connection
if (Usb.Init() == -1) {
Serial.print(F("\r\nOSC did not start"));
while (1); // Halt
bthid.SetReportParser(KEYBOARD_PARSER_ID, &keyboardPrs);
bthid.SetReportParser(MOUSE_PARSER_ID, &mousePrs);
// If "Boot Protocol Mode" does not work, then try "Report Protocol Mode"
// If that does not work either, then uncomment PRINTREPORT in BTHID.cpp to see the raw report
bthid.setProtocolMode(USB_HID_BOOT_PROTOCOL); // Boot Protocol Mode
//bthid.setProtocolMode(HID_RPT_PROTOCOL); // Report Protocol Mode
Serial.print(F("\r\nHID Bluetooth Library Started"));
void loop() {