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% Felix's Node.js Guide
## About this guide
Hi, I am [Felix Geisendörfer][felixge], an early [node.js][nodejs] core
contributor and co-founder of [][transloadit].
Over the past few months I have given a lot of [talks][talks] and done a lot of
[consulting][consulting] on using node.js.
Since I found myself repeating a lot of things over and over, I decided to use
some of my recent vacation to start this opinionated and unofficial guide to
help people getting started in node.js.
## Content
[Node.js Beginner Guide](beginner.html)
~ If you are new to node.js, this guide will take you from hello world to
deploying your first app.
[Node.js Style Guide](style.html)
~ The general JavaScript style I recommend to use with node.js. A lot of
this is personal preferences, but hopefully rather consistent.
[Node.js Community Guide](community.html)
~ Get to know some of the node.js community and find out where they hang out.
[Node.js Convincing The Boss Guide](convincing_the_boss.html)
~ Find out where node.js makes sense, and how to get management to see the
More guides are in the works. Feel free to follow the [GitHub repository][repo],
or have a look at this list of upcoming guides:
*Node.js Package Guide*
~ Learn how to create your own node.js packages and publish them on npm.
*Node.js Object Oriented Programming Guide*
~ My approach to object oriented programming with node.js.
*Node.js Test Driven Development Guide*
~ A beginners guide to test driven development with node.js.
## Report Issues
If you come across some incorrect information, please open an issue in the
[issue tracker][issuetracker].
## License
I have not decided on a license for this yet. So if you're interested in
re-publishing this content in one way or another, please send me an
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