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Help & Commonly Asked Questions

MS-DOS seems to brick the screen

Hit Alt + Enter to make the command screen "full screen" (as far as Windows 95 is concerned). This should restore the display from the garbled mess you see and allow you to access the command prompt. Press Alt-Enter again to leave full screen and go back to a window mode. (Thanks to @DisplacedGamer for that wisdom)

Windows 95 is stuck in a bad state

Restart the application and click on the "Reset machine & delete state" button. You can find it in the lower left of the screen. Then, hit the "Start Windows 95" button to start your virtual machine again.

I want to install additional apps or games

If you are running macOS, or Linux, you can probably "mount" the virtual hard drive used by windows95 to add files. Hit the "Show Disk Image" button in the lower right of the app, which will take you to the disk image.

On macOS, double-click the disk image to open it.

On Windows 10, Windows will think that it can open up the image, but will actually fail to do so. Use a tool like OSFMount to mount your disk image.

On Linux, search the Internet for instructions on how to mount an img disk image on your distribution. It's likely that you'll be able to run mount with the image as input.

What's the FrontPage Username and Password?

Username: windows95 Password: password