A simple and fast EMR system used in low resource settings.
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FEMR - Fast Electronic Medical Records

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fEMR is a fast EMR solution for remote clinics who depend on speed and ease of use rather than complex features. Check out Team fEMR's website for more information and a live demo.


  1. Slack
  2. JIRA
  3. Team FEMR


Installation and Deployment

For more information on contributing, please see the CONTRIBUTING.md file. For details regarding installation and deployment, continue reading.

1. Edit application.conf accordingly.

2. Enter the console.

sbt clean compile test dist

3. This will generate a script used for executing FEMR.


  • fEMR is not HIPAA compliant (... yet).
  • fEMR is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.
  • fEMR may attempt to establish a secure remote connection when internet access becomes available. This behavior is configurable and turned off by default.


Email: kevin.zurek@teamfemr.org