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Ionic directive for displaying nested list items.
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Ionic directive for displaying nested list ionic items.

Check demo link.


I am actively looking for contributors who can port this library to Ionic 2. If you are interested in doing so, don't hesitate to drop me an email.


bower install ion-tree-list --save

Add somewhere in your HEAD tag:

<script src="lib/ion-tree-list/ion-tree-list.js"></script>

Or fetch it from the cdnjs project :

You'll need to add ion-tree-list as a dependency on your Ionic app:

angular.module('starter', [

In your controller.js:

  $scope.tasks = [
      name: 'first task 1',
      tree: [
          name: 'first task 1.1'
      name: 'first task 2'

In your view.html:

<ion-tree-list items="tasks" collapsed="true"></ion-tree-list>

Fetch clicked item by listening to $ionTreeList:ItemClicked in your controller:

Emmited events

$scope.$on('$ionTreeList:ItemClicked', function(event, item) {
  // process 'item'

$scope.$on('$ionTreeList:LoadComplete', function(event, items) {
  // process 'items'

Custom templates

Imagine your tasks in $scope.tasks in your controller.js has an extra attribute as checked:

  $scope.tasks = [
      name: 'first task 1',
      checked: false,
      tree: [
          name: 'first task 1.1',
          checked: true
      name: 'first task 2',
      checked: true

In order to consume the checked value in your view, create a ion-item.tmpl.html file in your www folder containing the following:

<input type="checkbox" ng-model="item.checked"/>

Add an extra template-url attribute for your custom template:

<ion-tree-list items="tasks" template-url="'ion-item.tmpl.html'"></ion-tree-list>


Developers interested in contributing are very welcomed :)

Don't hesitate to ping me on my email if you are missing a feature, a fix or you simply want to contribute.

There's a list of issues right here.

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