Expected "[" and "]" to be on the same line (standard/computed-property-even-spacing) #226

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Using standard@4.5.4 in conjunction with babel-eslint@4.0.5 there is no error in the following code:

import fn from 'fn'

export default function something (args) {
  return fn({
    field: 'blah',

However, upgrading to standard@5.0.2 an error is thrown:

app.js:6:5: Expected "[" and "]" to be on the same line (standard/computed-property-even-spacing)

Potentially a bug in https://github.com/xjamundx/eslint-plugin-standard/tree/master or is this expected behavior?


Sorry, I should have dug around in the proper repo! xjamundx/eslint-plugin-standard#3

@jprichardson jprichardson referenced this issue in xjamundx/eslint-plugin-standard Aug 8, 2015

Bug with object spread and computed-property-even-spacing #3

@dcousens dcousens added the bug label Aug 9, 2015
@xjamundx xjamundx was assigned by dcousens Aug 9, 2015

As xjamundx/eslint-plugin-standard#3 is where this is tracking.
@feross or do we have a blocked-on-eslint-standard-plugin? Ha

feross commented Aug 14, 2015

This is fixed in standard 5.1.0.

@feross feross closed this Aug 14, 2015

seems to have returned in 5.4.1:

MacBook-Pro:src davidclements$ standard --version
MacBook-Pro:src davidclements$ standard components/Settings/index.js
standard: Use JavaScript Standard Style (https://github.com/feross/standard)
  /Users/davidclements/z/nearForm/terminal-devtools/src/components/Settings/index.js:17:3: Expected "[" and "]" to be on the same line
14 const settings = {
15  border: null,
16  padding: {left: 1, right: 1},
17  ...bg
18 }
feross commented Feb 8, 2016

@davidmarkclements Sorry, I can't reproduce your issue with standard v6. Perhaps you can try upgrading?

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