GUI wrapper of GNU Coreutils sha1sum
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Check Hash

Check Hash is a GUI wrapper of GNU Coreutils sha1sum

Build in C++11 Qt5. 😄

Copyright (C) 2014 2015 - Filipe Marques

Project licensed under GNU GPL v.3 and even the website of the project Check Hash is under same license!

If you use Manjaro Linux operating system, you can install checkhash:

sudo pacman -S checkhash

or in octopi or pamac search for: checkhash

On the other hand, if you use Archlinux you can install checkhash using the Arch User Repository and yaourt:

yaourt -S checkhash

Contributing to Check Hash project

Here are the rules to promote a good relationship between developers and the community:


  1. Be polite and kind
  2. Describe what happens and how to test to reproduce that error

Pull Requests

  1. To fix a issue: one pull request per issue
  2. To implement an idea: one pull request per idea


  1. Always develop new features, fix bugs in dev branch, after finish develop, merge dev into master branch of your forked repo.
  2. Do pull requests to target the dev branch

This avoids confusion between revisions of source code!

Software need for coding or testing


After clonning the project, open Qt Creator and then open the project Check Hash and you are ready to develop !

Have a happy coding ! 👍