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What's new

.NET Core 2

Dotnet.Script has been migrated to .NET Core 2! We now support .NET Core 2 and .NET Standard 2.0 libraries.
Your scripts are also run in the context of .NET Core 2 runtime.

This means that in order to use this release .NET Core 2.0 SDK is required.

New Nuget packages

In order to facilitate building CSX tooling and other script runners, Dotnet.Script now publishes two new Nuget packages:

  • Dotnet.Script.DependencyModel
  • Dotnet.Script.DependencyModel.NuGet


Provides an API to resolve runtime and compilation dependencies for csproj-based scripts.

This library has no dependencies to other dotnet.script libraries or other third-party packages, which means that it can be used by all script runners that needs to resolve runtime dependencies.

In addtion to being compiled for netstandard2.0, it is also compiled for net46 so that it can be used from OmniSharp.Scripting


This package contains ONLY the NuGetMetadataReferenceResolver that is used to handle inline NuGet package references.

#r "nuget: AutoMapper, 9.1.0"

This MetadataReferenceResolver does not really do anything besides allowing the actual NuGet reference and returning an assembly reference.

Sunset of project.json

project.json was already depracated in earlier releases and inline package references was the recommended way to consume Nuget with packages. With the current release, project.jsonsupport has been removed completely.

project.json has been sunset by Microsoft already with .NET Core 1.0 and the old package model library has not been supported anymore for a while. In fact and on the latest OS releases (i.e. macOS High Sierra) it doesn't work anymore.


  • Fixed binding redirect issues #129
  • Fixed argument handling when using the Windows CMD helper #135
  • Fixed issues with paths containing spaces

And several other minor improvements.

Known Issues

On non-Windows platforms loading of native dependencies from NuGet packages is not supported.