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Basic Usage

PwnAuth is designed to be used inside of a browser. In order to use the web console you must be logged in. Initially there is only one user, the superuser created at install time. If you wish to add more users navigate to https://<yoursite>/admin and create more users.

To login navigate to https:/<yoursite>/auth/login. You will be automatically redirected to the PwnAuth console page.

The application can be controlled from the four drop-downs at the top of the page:

  1. The first drop-down controls the API module to interact with.
  2. The second drop-down controls the API scope to interact with (e.g. messages or attachments)
  3. The third drop-down will populate with users that have consented to the application. Currently this does not auto-update and you must reload the page to see new users.
  4. The fourth drop-down controls the API operation to make (e.g. get or create)

Depending on the selections you made, additional input fields may appear. Some of these may be required and will determine the data that is queried from the API.


Office 365

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