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z is a fish port of z.

z tracks the directories you visit. With a combination of frequency and recency, it enables you to jump to the directory in mind.

A pure-fish port means it is fast and fish-friendly, with tab-completions and lazy-loading. Top that off with greater customizability and a small amount of added functionality.


Note: fish version >2.2.0 is required.

fish >=2.3.0

With fisherman

fisher z

fish <2.3.0

If you can't upgrade your build, append the following code to your ~/.config/fish/config.fish.

for file in ~/.config/fish/conf.d/*.fish
    source $file

Or let me do that for you.

curl -L git.io/v6kNP >> ~/.config/fish/config.fish


z [-c --clean]       Cleans out Z_DATA
z [-e --echo] foo    Prints best match, no cd
z [-l --list] foo    List matches, no cd
z [-r --rank] foo    Searches by rank, cd
z [-t --recent] foo  Searches by recency, cd
z [ -h --help]       Print this help
zo foo               Opens file manager for best match


z foo             Goes to directory best matching foo
zo foo            Opens file manager of directory best matching foo
z -t foo          Goes to most recent directory matching foo

Configuring Z

There are commands that let you modify the behaviour of z:

set -U Z_CMD "j"               Change commands to j and jo
set -U Z_DATA "$HOME/.foo"     Set data file to $HOME/.foo
set -U ZO_METHOD "opencmd"     Runs `opencmd dir` on `zo dir` (defaults to `open` or `xdg-open`)