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[Deprecated] Stripe

⚠️ WARNING! This package is no longer maintained. We do not recommend adding it to your dbt project. This code remains public to prevent breaking changes to any existing dbt projects that use this package.

A collection of SQL-based analytics for Stripe.

Please note that, while the core_entities and event_filters models are very generic and likely relevant to every business that uses stripe, the transactions_prep and mrr models may or may not be applicable to your business. If you find them useful in your analytics, great! If not, disable them in your project by setting enabled: false for the relevant folders within your dbt_project.yml.


All data models are built to be compiled and run with dbt. Installation:

  1. Add this package as a dependency to your project and run dbt deps to download the latest source. We recommend that you reference a specific tag so that you can control the upgrade process when new versions are released.
  2. Add the following configuration to your dbt_project.yml:
# within `models:`
    enabled: true
    materialized: view
      #insert the location of your stripe_events table here as 'schema.table'
      events_table: 'stripe.stripe_events'


Contributions are welcome! To contribute:

  • fork this repo,
  • make and test changes, and
  • submit a PR.

All contributions must be widely relevant to Stripe customers and not contain logic specific to a given business.

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