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No easy way to add callback for user rejecting auth in Facebook #158

AlexeyMK opened this Issue Jun 13, 2012 · 2 comments


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To Replicate: Send user to auth dialog in facebook, click "cancel" instead of go to app.
Expected: we have some way to declare where to send the user in such a case (perhaps a page offering alternate auth solutions)
Actual: A very simple template is rendered, displaying a generic error.

I've scoured the interwebs, and as far as I can tell there isn't a consistent way to enter an "on-user-rejects-terms" callback. I've created a hack in my local fork for now, but a generic solution would be welcome.

How I solved it:

  • turn session['next'] from a string to a dictionary with error and success keys.
  • in views, catch the OAuth Error of "access denied" and redirect it to self.get_error_redirect()
  • in Facebook Callback, implement get_error_redirect to call get_error_next, from mixins
  • in mixins, add get_error_next next to get_next, which looks for session['next']['error'](adjust get_next to use session['next']['success'])

flashingpumpkin commented Jun 13, 2012


I'd rather not fiddle with session['next'] but catching the specific access_denied is easy. Ideally that should happen on a per-services basis, eg in socialregistration.contrib.facebook.

On the other hand it would be useful to have a method get_denied_redirect that comes with a sensible default for every service though.

If you solve(d) it, please send a pull request. I've been thinking about this too.


My hack is currently pretty specific to our app, but I'll try to factor it out.

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