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2019-xx-xx: FlatPress 1.1

  • Plugin added: Protected Mail Links
  • Languages added: Greek, German
  • Admin: Fancyfied editor toolbar with more BBCode elements
  • Security fix prevents possible CSFR attack
  • Bugfix: Correct handling of special characters in URLs (see
  • Bugfix: HTTPS allowed in comments' URLs
  • Changelog: Missing releases added

2018-12-16: FlatPress 1.0.3.php7

First release after Edoardo handed over the project ownership to Arvid.

  • Runs under PHP7
  • HTTPS support
  • Plugins added: Last comments admin, Media manager

2015-06-12: FlatPress 1.0.3

  • This release fixes an XSS (CVE-2014-100036).
  • Bonus: a new style for Leggero theme by @MarcThibeault and other UI enhancements by @MarcThibeault and @liquibyte

2013-12-11: FlatPress 1.0.2

Another bugfix release.

  • Fixes errors in the rushed patched vulnerability in v1.0.1.
  • Clears some issues with strict standards.
  • Timezone now defaults to UTC. You can set your own time offset in the configuration panel of the admin area

2013-11-21: FlatPress 1.0.1

Bugfix release.

2012-01-11: FlatPress 1.0 "Solenne"

  • ...still to be documented...

2010-11-07: 0.10xxx

2009-10-10: 0.9xx Arioso

2008-12-24: 0.8xx Fortissimo

2008-05-07: FlatPress 0.803 Vivace


  • Rewritten bootstrap, index centralized
  • New database backend (soon to be rewroked ;))
  • New draft system
  • New secure hashing algorhytms for passwords
  • New widget system
  • Post view count moved to plugin PostViews
  • Rewritten main config file
  • Allowing custom appearance for date/time
  • New URLs (still compatible)
  • Allow static pages as home
  • post goodie :)


  • New PostViews plugin
  • New favicon plugin
  • New prettyurls plugin, supporting pathinfo! (check plugin for help)
  • Added GUI to BlockParser
  • Added GUI to Akismet F Fixed accessible antispam F BBCode now allows inline HTML (check plugin for help): this allows WYSIWYG lovers to install their favourite editor (e.g. TinyMCE, see the forum for more) F Modified and cleaned interactions of BBCode with thumbs and lightbox plugins F Lightbox shouldn't crash IE7 anymore F Akismet shouldn't timeout anymore U jsUtils is mootools 1.1 full (complete download)


  • New GUI
  • Allowing plugins to add panels
  • Validating now without sessions
  • New Widget GUI
  • New Plugin GUI
  • New Theme/Styles GUI
  • New Options (formerly config) GUI

0.703.6.2 (2007-11-26)

  • FIXED: removed /test.php
  • FIXED: version number

0.703.6.1 (2007-10-23)

FIXED: typo in admin.entry.delete.php

0.703.6 (2007-10-19)

  • FIXED: XSS vulnerabilities in comments.tpl and contact.tpl
  • FIXED: Backported from Crescendo+1 fix for XSS in $_GET fields
  • FIXED: bug in static handling (THEME_LEGACY_MODE not checked)
  • FIXED: Moved html escaping from default-filters to bbcode plugin
  • FIXED: Added option to bbcode plugin to allow inline html! (no more ugly [html] tags! :)

0.703.5 (2007-09-22)

  • FIXED: severe bug with
  • FIXED: smaller one with commslock

0.703.4 (2007-09-19)

FIXED: several XSS vulnerabilities

0.703.3 (2007-09-18)

FIXED: XSS in search.php

0.703.2 (2007-07-13)

FIXED: input validation problems

0703.1 Crescendo (July 10, 2007)

Small bug fixes

  • FIXED: bbcode: [u] tag missing
  • FIXED: bbcode/syntaxhighlighter: [code=MY_SYNTAX] works again
  • FIXED: fixed error handling with missing categories

0.703 Crescendo Final (June 27, 2007)

  • UPDATED: jsUtils : Mootools 1.11
  • FIXED: URL issues with BBCODE
  • FIXED: small issues with thumb plugin

Crescendo RC2 (June 3, 2007)

  • FIXED: spaces in file names are escaped as dashes "-" when uploaded
  • FIXED: various bbcode issues
  • FIXED: scale/width bbcode/thumb issues
  • MDFD: now thumb creates a .thumb dir for each subdir of images/
  • FIXED: leggero CSS
  • FIXED: double entity encoding
  • ADDED: (since RC1): when loggedin trying to open a non-existent static page will bring you to the "add new static" panel

Crescendo RC1 (May 29, 2007)

  • FIXED: plugin/bbcode: broken non-local urls
  • FIXED: core/FPDB archive function: /?y=nn didn't work if a month wasn't specified
  • FIXED: core/entry/cache : buggy workarounded function (see previous) is now fixed
  • FIXED: core/users : session was not kept if user IP changed
  • FIXED: core/rss : template now works, fixed core accordingly
  • ADDED: core/rss : full content support
  • UPDATED: plugin/jsUtils, upgraded to mootools 1.1
  • UPDATED: plugin/lightbox updated accordingly to slimbox 1.4
  • RMVD: temporarily removed prettyurls plugin (todo: remove from default config); I'm working to a newer cooler version, but it will require probably some changes in core, so no-go for this release
  • ADDED: Lang/it-it: added some strings I forgot

Crescendo beta1 (May 17, 2007)

  • added: some entry/cache hooks
  • added: many plugin translations thanx to cimangi (
  • added: panel notifications for plugins
  • added: new theme, new icons (updated old admin css)
  • fixed: lightbox updated and fixed
  • fixed: removed quote escaping in entries (removed and added fix for old versions)
  • fixed: directory deletion under php5 (thx cimangi)
  • fixed: entry_delete did not remove visit counter (cimangi)
  • fixed: session retaining in control panel under certain conditions (smartyvalidate)
  • changed: some behaviours in cache; need some rework as introduced a little bug... d'oh!

Crescendo alpha

  • fixed: utils_mail()
  • fixed: bbcode url trim
  • fixed: bbcode remote image timeouts
  • changed: WHOLE new POST behaviour (no longer "POSTDATA" messages)
  • changed: new theme tags (almost finished). support for old themes; soon deprecated
  • changed: graphics for the old theme (almost finished)
  • changed: a whole bunch of graphic thingies
  • changed: plugin organization
  • added: [video] tag support
  • added: update checker (experimental)
  • added: error/success notification system with fancy graphics :P

NOTE: italian language is still there until the wiki is ready