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#ifndef __DBUS2VDR_OSD_H
#define __DBUS2VDR_OSD_H
#include "message.h"
#include <vdr/osd.h>
class cDBusOsdProvider;
class cDBusOsd : public cOsd
friend class cDBusOsdProvider;
static int osd_number;
cDBusOsdProvider& provider;
int osd_index;
cString osd_dir;
int counter;
cDBusOsd(cDBusOsdProvider& Provider, int Left, int Top, uint Level);
// virtual void SetActive(bool On) { cOsd::SetActive(On); }
virtual ~cDBusOsd();
// virtual cPixmap *CreatePixmap(int Layer, const cRect &ViewPort, const cRect &DrawPort = cRect::Null);
// virtual void DestroyPixmap(cPixmap *Pixmap);
// virtual void DrawImage(const cPoint &Point, const cImage &Image);
// virtual void DrawImage(const cPoint &Point, int ImageHandle);
// virtual eOsdError CanHandleAreas(const tArea *Areas, int NumAreas) { return cOsd::CanHandleAreas(Areas, NumAreas); }
// virtual eOsdError SetAreas(const tArea *Areas, int NumAreas);
// virtual void SaveRegion(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2);
// virtual void RestoreRegion(void);
// virtual eOsdError SetPalette(const cPalette &Palette, int Area);
// virtual void DrawPixel(int x, int y, tColor Color);
// virtual void DrawBitmap(int x, int y, const cBitmap &Bitmap, tColor ColorFg = 0, tColor ColorBg = 0, bool ReplacePalette = false, bool Overlay = false);
// virtual void DrawText(int x, int y, const char *s, tColor ColorFg, tColor ColorBg, const cFont *Font, int Width = 0, int Height = 0, int Alignment = taDefault);
// virtual void DrawRectangle(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, tColor Color);
// virtual void DrawEllipse(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, tColor Color, int Quadrants = 0);
// virtual void DrawSlope(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, tColor Color, int Type);
virtual void Flush(void);
///< Actually commits all data to the OSD hardware.
///< Flush() should return as soon as possible.
///< For a true color OSD using the default implementation with in memory
///< pixmaps, the Flush() function should basically do something like this:
///< while (cPixmapMemory *pm = RenderPixmaps()) {
///< int w = pm->ViewPort().Width();
///< int h = pm->ViewPort().Height();
///< int d = w * sizeof(tColor);
///< MyOsdDrawPixmap(Left() + pm->ViewPort().X(), Top() + pm->ViewPort().Y(), pm->Data(), w, h, h * d);
///< delete pm;
///< }
class cDbusOsdMsg : public cListObject
const char *action;
cString file;
int left, top, vx, vy;
cDbusOsdMsg(const char *Action, const cString& File, int Left, int Top, int Vx, int Vy)
virtual ~cDbusOsdMsg(void);
class cDBusOsdProvider : public cOsdProvider, public cThread
friend class cDBusMessageOsd;
static cDBusOsdProvider *_provider;
cMutex msgMutex;
cCondVar msgCond;
cList<cDbusOsdMsg> msgQueue;
virtual cOsd *CreateOsd(int Left, int Top, uint Level);
virtual bool ProvidesTrueColor(void) { return true; }
// virtual int StoreImageData(const cImage &Image);
// virtual void DropImageData(int ImageHandle);
virtual void Action(void);
virtual ~cDBusOsdProvider();
void SendMessage(cDbusOsdMsg *Msg);
class cDBusMessageOsd : public cDBusMessage
friend class cDBusDispatcherOsd;
enum eAction { dmoCreateProvider, dmoDeleteProvider };
virtual ~cDBusMessageOsd(void);
virtual void Process(void);
cDBusMessageOsd(eAction action, DBusConnection* conn, DBusMessage* msg);
void CreateProvider(void);
void DeleteProvider(void);
eAction _action;
class cDBusDispatcherOsd : public cDBusMessageDispatcher
virtual ~cDBusDispatcherOsd(void);
virtual cDBusMessage *CreateMessage(DBusConnection* conn, DBusMessage* msg);
virtual bool OnIntrospect(DBusMessage *msg, cString &Data);
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